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  1. Thank you! My husband and I just bought an Ultimaker 3 after a failed launch with a resin printer. We are using it for cosplay stuff, D&D figurines, and whatever else might be of use or help around the house. So far, we've made some tiny things. He is currently working on a cosplay gun. Not sure what it is called right now. I do have to say, after working with computers being a coder, web developer, and data inputer for 8 years, I am not whole heartedly impressed with Ultimaker's website or the user friendliness of it. I feel like it could be a bit more streamlined, especially in the tro
  2. I am so sorry for the delay. I thought I would get a notification through email, but I didn't. We were using Cura 6.2.6 and I even tried to change the temp with the Beta 2.7. We have a Ultimaker 3 and it is connected to our PC via cord.
  3. Cura refuses to change the printing temperature when extruding. It is changed in the Cura Printing Temperature setting under the Prepare window, but still shows what the normal 205*c in the Print window when actually printing. What is WRONG with Cura? If you have that option, it needs to manage the printer as well. What are my options here in changing the temperature? Thanks.
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