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  1. Thank you! My husband and I just bought an Ultimaker 3 after a failed launch with a resin printer. We are using it for cosplay stuff, D&D figurines, and whatever else might be of use or help around the house. So far, we've made some tiny things. He is currently working on a cosplay gun. Not sure what it is called right now.

    I do have to say, after working with computers being a coder, web developer, and data inputer for 8 years, I am not whole heartedly impressed with Ultimaker's website or the user friendliness of it. I feel like it could be a bit more streamlined, especially in the troubleshooting area to actually show the steps that it needs to show as well as page interconnectability. For example, How to actually remove the Bowden tube, not just saying "push the tube in then pull the tube back out" (shorthand). I had some trouble with that and it wasn't until I went on YouTube after countless hours wading through the website that I figured out that it is just the TUBE, its not the entire connector with tube and how to put my fingers on the connector to press that down as I pulled the tube out. Just small things like that I feel would be a bit easier and I've seen it on more than just this occasion. The pages should probably be interconnected (i.e. ALL troubleshooting should be in the troubleshooting tab OR at least linked to in the page that relates to that particular issue) and not be all over the place. I feel like I am on the website far longer and far more than I should for such a small (very easily fixed) issue rather than searching for hours and then bombarding forums with similar questions.

    I like the website overall, just feel like it could continue to be refined.

    I really appreciate all the help and hope you hear out some of my frustrations as helpful criticisms to making things a bit more user friendly.

  2. Cura refuses to change the printing temperature when extruding. It is changed in the Cura Printing Temperature setting under the Prepare window, but still shows what the normal 205*c in the Print window when actually printing. What is WRONG with Cura? If you have that option, it needs to manage the printer as well. What are my options here in changing the temperature? Thanks.

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