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  1. 19 minutes ago, Preston3 said:

    Dr Dave,

    The only luck I have had was to delete the 3.2 & 3.3 folder. Opening Cura accepting all the popups then closing out and replacing the 3.2 file in the deleted location from the trashbin.


    cura stuff.PNG


    That is what I reverted to as well

    The only problem is that I can't get Windows to default to the 3.3 version upon clicking on an STL file so I have to open the 3.3 manually then drag and drop otherwise it opens the file in 3.2

    Have tried to rename the 3.2 and the like but then I get a Win10 error talking about a pathway error occurring

    I am OK with it I guess the added features of 3.3 are worth it but this dang software is SO buggy I can't for the life of me figure out why

    I had a similar issue when we all started on 2.0 or maybe 2.5 or so 

    NOT sure why the install doesn't simply copy the entire contents of the previous version instead of asking to remove the older versions.  I have LOTS of medical software that we run concurrent versions of why not Cura?

    Thank you for taking the time and if anyone figures a viable fix let me know

    Awaiting another version with still more great new features

    Dr D

  2. 10 hours ago, Msuurmond said:

    @Drdave That is the correct content! I used it to run Cura 3.3.1 and it works here (on my MacBook). I also see you have some plugins installed, it might be that your Octoprint plugin needs an update.

    To get Cura running again you could try to delete the folder OctoPrintPlugin:



    When Cura runs again you can redownload it from the plugin browser.

    Bummer that didn't work either

    Anyone else having this non-install issue?

    Help Msuurmond by posting your copy of the installed 3.2 folders so they can review the difference between working ones and broken ones

    Dr. D

  3. 16 hours ago, Msuurmond said:

    Got the file, but this is still only the cache folder. We need this folder: 


    I am right clicking the folder as you asked then clicking add to zip then renaming it and sending it NOT sure what else I can do

    I also can't be the ONLY one with this issue so how about someone else stepping up here and getting the team what they need

    When I first posted this there were several others who had the exact issue

    Here is the file labeled stl return to zip and let me know, please


    Dr. D



  4. 37 minutes ago, ElleCross said:


    Hey @drdave!


    I also got the file, and same as @Msuurmond, I see only the cache and it looks like it's 3.3.

    Can you please check the \Application Support\Cura  again and look for the whole 3.2 folder? That's what we need to check. :)




    SO SORRY I thought you wanted the 3.3 here is 3.2 change to zip 

    Sorry I misunderstood I thought you wanted the new folder created not the old one

    Dr Dave



  5. 13 hours ago, Msuurmond said:

    We can only help you further if you can give us the complete config folder. With that we can extract it on our development machines and create the exact same situation as you have. If anything goes wrong we can than see it and fix it.

    How do I do that when zip files are not allowed to be posted.  I would gladly send you anything you want but don't know how

    Dr. Dave

  6. Elle 

    Sorry, I removed the 3.3 folders as you suggested then reran the install and still the IDENTICAL issue.  No profiles no printers

    I get it that 3D is designed for techies but most of us aren't and this has been going on since late version 1.x but surely since 2.x

    The install asks to remove the older version if you say NO then it freaks out and refuses to install properly.

    I can't won't remove the older version honestly because I don't trust the new version as has been demonstrated by still another not ready for the release version

    I tried to upload the zipped folder the software won't allow it be included help me to help you, please

    Dr. Dave

  7. I saved my 3.2.1 version when it asked so I still have my entire settings intact in that version along with that version functional as well

    I know many delete the previous version but I try to not do that until I am sure the new version is set and functional

    I wonder if by saving it the software then skipped the check for previous datasets and just installed bare software without checking for and saving the previous version as it would have if it was deleting it as it wanted to

    I opened a work ticket with details as well

    Dr. Dave

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  8. Installed on C drive no errors BUT lost ALL my personal set up data like printers and filaments and quality and settings etc

    Anyone else having this

    Also installed without removing 3.2.1 when it asked if that matters.  I was concerned it would do this as it has since the old days of 2.x so wanted to atleast have 3.2.1 to use when this new "stable" version crapped out

    Dr. D

  9. Just installed the new 3.3.0 and have lost all my printers material and personal settings

    Now what?  I thought we fixed this way back in 2.0.x and its back

    I purposely didn't remove the 3.2.1 when it asked during install since I know by doing that it kills any chance of remembering the personalized data

    Atleast I still have the data (somewhere)

    Any help PLEASE

    Dr Dave

  10. Same problem........can't launch cura 3.0.3, had to go back to 2.7

    In all likelyness, you ran into an issue that was fixed in Cura 3.0.4

    Very annoying to have a new version every 15 days

    So, on the one hand you complain there's a bug, and on the other you complain it was fixed in a new version?

    Please try the version before release

    When you post something like this, what do you want to accomplish? Do you really think that Ultimaker does not test the software before it is released? I can assure you they do (Hi Andreea, hi Ellen!). Unfortunately, the testing team physically can't test all computer configuations that out in the field. That's why there are public betas, to find issues that are not identified by the testing team at Ultimaker.

    The issue that you likely ran into was not flagged as a crashing bug during the beta, only as a cosmetic bug (where the buildplate would turn black - or white - instead of showing a grid). Because it only causes a crash on a small set of configurations.

    Do you know what you accomplish with snide remarks? It annoys me and makes me less inclined to help you.

    No one seems to be listening though

    including you?

    Except many many of us don't have cosmetic bugs we actually can't open the software at all.

    Had it with 2.7 and now with 3.0

    The install does it section then you click start Cura and finish and it crashed after attempting to start

    Re-trying to start Cura has no effect and removing and re-installing has no effect either

    Supposedly there is some file that someone suggested we go into Windows and modify but that is not a viable option for many and for many doing so would create career havoc for attempting to mess with the operating system

    Durable programs are tested under rigorous conditions with various opSys and when errors are found announcements are made about the extent of the issue and pending solutions

    So you are saying that if I download 3.0.4 I will resolve this?

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  11. Hi,

    @SandervG Cura3.0 looks awsome and seems to work good. But is there a string on the Forum for forwarding problems with Cura3.0? Strange enough I seem to experience troubles on my iMac with the display of the buildplate grid. And on my MacBook it seems to work great and displays perfectly.

    gr. Frank

    Hi Frank, sorry for my late reply. I must have overlooked your tag. You can leave your feedback here, it is also being monitored by our developers.

    It would be helpful if you could include some details about your operating system, video card and iMac. Thanks!

    Would love to get the proper fix to installing the newest version on a PC with W7 64 as an upgrade from Cura 2.7

    Have tried to delete folders and to re-install but no go. I am still using 2.7 would like to go to 3.? but can't get it to install and actually open. It starts to open then crashes

    Dr Dave (NOT a computer type so writing and editing code is not a real option)

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  12. Been there done that, unfortunately.  Removed the AppData

    If you had read the post I referenced, you would have seen that I did not, in any way, suggest you remove the configuration folder. Instead, I was trying to help you patch the bug by replacing a file in the program files. If you would rather complain than try a likely fix than that is of course up to you.

    Note that the issue I was trying to figure out if it was indeed the one that's causing the crash in 3.0.3 for you was indeed fixed internally. It is just that the fix was mistakenly not included with the 3.0.3 release, so I was trying to help you fix it locally for you instead of saying "nope, sorry, you'll have to wait 2 months for a new release".

    Note that I am not part of the company, and just try to help.

    Are you talking about the file that you wrote? I have NO idea how to insert a file or the like

    I THOUGHT you were asking about the suggestion to delete the previous APPDATA file and reinstall

    I am NOT a program type guy I am a surgeon who happens to own a 3D printing company that prints body parts so that surgeons can try surgeries before they step into the OR

    The company uses S3D but I use Cura at home so the techs at the office can't help on this software

    Open to a solution without the sarcasm and nasty replies I am used to software that you click install and it works but this has happened now to me at least EVERY version since 2.5***

    Since none of us know each other no one assumed you worked for the company or was being ostracized for the suggestion the issue is with Ultimaker who is looking to build the next generation profits on the software side of the business not the hardware and I think that approach is brilliant but in CURAs case it needs to be done better

  13. Dr Dave, could you also try the workaround one post above?

    Been there done that, unfortunately. Removed the AppData file and then THANK goodness I copied the 2.7 file to a filed named temp so I could get it back after 3.0 refused to open

    This also happened when I went from 2.5 to 2.6 and to 2.7b

    One would think that this is fixed internally instead of after install workarounds if the company is depending on the software for future growth

  14. Hi,

    After downloading Cura 3.0.3 (64bit) installer for Windows, my Symantec Endpoint Protection moved the installer to quarantine saying that "there is a strong evidence that this file is untrustworthy". I'm an administrator on this windows (can install apps etc.), but can't disable Symantec even for a while (company policy). Can you suggest something? Perhaps someone from Cura team could check the installer....?

    Thanks in advance.

    We all got the message from Norton it is because there are not enough downloads to make it trustworthy give it another week or so and it will work out fine

    I just told Norton to allow it but I understand why you can't if your network is secure and you lack permission to allow otherwise blocked files

    NOTHING Ultimaker can do it just needs volume as the 3D industry is so small and we don't download things enough

    Dr D

  15. Same thing with me

    To delete the entire AppData folder would mean I will lose literally hundreds of filament details and several printer data so not a realistic option (did it to install 2.7 but won't do it again had to back in all that data)

    This is a KNOWN situation since 2.5 why can't we get it fixed over the long hail but how about a fix so at least we can give 3.0 a try


    Dr D

  16. Hi @DrDave, I'm happy to hear your problem got solved and you could find help in our knowledgeable community. Our apologies if our support teams have not been able to fulfill their task and help you when reached out.

    We're always looking for feedback, and it's particularly valuable when it can also help us improve our business.  

    I'm wondering if you could share with me when and through what channel you have requested help and I'll see what caused the delay in getting back to you.

    Enjoy Cura, and I'm looking forward hearing from you again! Have a good day.

    BTW Sander I just bought an inexpensive Windows 10 based 2 in 1 tablet PC and tried to install 2.7 BETA and it said that it can't be installed to contact the developer.  Is it really not possible to use Cura ona  new Windows 10 based Tablet??

    Thank you

    Dr D

    Which version of Windows 10? I think the tablets run on a stripped down version of Win10 and not fully functional for heavy programs.

    Windows 10 home version 1703  IS build 15063.540 Intel 1.33Ghz processor

    Help any???

    I sure hope so

    Dr D

    Is that windows 10 32-bits? Cura only runs on 64-bits systems.

    You can check this through 'System' -> 'About'

    AWESOME, simple shift to 64bit will solve it?? If so that is dirt cheap or free I assume. THANK YOU SO MUCH

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