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  1. So basically: Log in with SSH and then we can create a Bash script that moves the printer in all the pre-defined positions we need it to go to? This seems very easy, i had a look at some examples of this, seems straight forward. Are there any hurdles that we need think about? What about accuracy and calibration? Does the machine calibrate itself on startup so you can rely on the positions during the entire sequence?
  2. Is it possible to hire someone from Ultimaker to help us with the base configuration of an UM3 Extended so we can use it for this purpose?
  3. Thank for replies guys. Two quick follow up questions: 1. With the G-codes, does it need to print at all to move or can it just be told to move and it will do so? 2. Does the printing nozzle even need to be present for it to move or can i remove it and replace it with our own non printing nozzle that is made for measurements? If the UM2+ is super easy to control via serial port that seems to be the right choice for us. How do you do the same on the UM3+? E.
  4. Hi, We are wondering if its possible to use the ultimaker for something else than 3D printing. We would like to use it to do some accurate measurements. Basically we need to be able to program the nozzle to go to specific positions in an orchestrated way, just movement without any 3D printing at all. Is there some software available that lets us set the position of the nozzle in 3D space or to play back a series of movements? Like a print dryrun with the only difference is that the nozzle should move slower. I'm new to this so any information pointing me in the right direction is appreciated. E.
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