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  1. Thanks everyone... I'll have to check out some of the suggested solutions in the future. I've got a backlog of parts to print and since those will work with just PLA, I'm running those first. It'll be at least a day or two before I make another attempted swap
  2. That's not mine. Mine's the one with the blue filament that has been pulled out
  3. I don't believe it is set incorrectly. I just reloaded the PLA material and am successfully printing a part with that core right now.
  4. Yes, I've been squeezing as much as the printcore would allow
  5. I've had my U3 for about 8 months now, but I've mostly just been running dual extrusion PLA prints. I haven't printed with PVA in about 6 months. I went to swap out print cores today so that I could to a print with some PVA and I am unable to remove the core. I remember it being tough to pull out before, but both myself and a number of students have been unsuccessful this time. I'm wondering, does it have anything to do with the different heights of the cores (seen in attached pictures). Printcore 1 is held higher as if it was going to be printing from printcore 2.
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