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  1. I would suggest taking a screenshot of the settings panel. That would be easiest. And it may show whether you need to 'unhide' some of the other controls that could be at play. This is Cura 2.5.0 so it has all the "settings" in a bar on the right hand side with headings that open up to display the detail for each setting.
  2. Your images seem to invalid. Try loading them into you gallery first so you can preview them and make sure they loaded properly. I have them in a gallery now: Solid view Layer 1, bottom layer Layer 82, middle Top Layer
  3. @kmanstudios, There are so many, any in particular? Quality Shell Infill Material Speed Travel Cooling
  4. @Labern, sorry should have left photos. Here is a ,ink to a Google drive folder with 4 photos. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7pMWSgiArwQc0NRMFZJN20xb0U
  5. In layer view if my layer one is a red "shell" but then green "Inner Wall" why isn't there any yellow for "top/bottom"? Cura 2.5.0 .2 layer height The pieces are smallish pieces for a model. Funnels for a boat. All the way up the cylinder there is only green for inner wall and no orange for infill? Does it matter that there is no bottom?
  6. Do the colors of the model in solid view mean anything like when you are in layer view? I have a model that when loaded in Cura in solid view has various parts red while the remainder of the model is the standard yellow color.
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