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  1. You nailed it. Makes complete sense. Would be nice if the auto-leveling report if bed leveling needs some adjustment. I suppose this could cause more alarm than anything else; but for those who like their machines running silently, this would be nice to learn up front. I went through the manual/auto leveling a few times to actually get everything dialed in. I ended up using new and totally flat of sheet 1500 grit sand paper instead of the laminated calibration card to get consistent results. I found it easier to find just the right level where I felt a tug. The laminated card slipped around more readily than the sandpaper. Everything seems to be running smoothly now. Thanks again!
  2. New UM3. Prints are fine. Diagnostic X/Y Axes Stress tests make no noise. I also sure there are no loose pulley / gaps. When printing and performing Y-axis motion I hear what sounds like a cyclical groaning/creaking from the extruder/print head area. X-axis is silent. This only occurs when extruding. This is my first Ultimaker. I've built and tuned a Prusa i3 MK2S quite extensively. The real puzzling part is that this only occurs while extruding - and is clearly isolated to the Y-axis. I've made sure there is lubrication. This also happens for both/either print cores. I'm reluctant to open up the print head unit yet since this is a brand new unit. But I'm completely stumped. I've attached a video which demonstrates the sound (and that it is only Y-axis).https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CS07pzpnT0 Cheers, August
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