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  1. oke if forgotten to copy the m117 line now its working thanks diving duck!!
  2. hello diving duck thanks fore the reply i have tried already some things my qu are : must i do this in the new cura version how to do this so i dont have to do it every time again maby a bit stupid but i cant get it working wr Henk
  3. hello i would like to use the same start g code as in cura 3.10 in the newer version(s) 3.6 or 4.0 how to do this? wr Henk
  4. found an old post that pointed me in the right direction https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/19494-circles-are-not-fully-round/ my x / y frame was not 90 degrees square have tacled this with braces and the print result is finally good w r Henk
  5. Well, if changed the stepper but no(the same) result Dont know were to look now for a sollution? Wr Henk
  6. have checked every bolt a more closer look shows a mistake in the print direction at 4 places see image now i think that the y axis stepper motor skips steps at direction change have ordered a new one fingers crossed?
  7. Hello I have simmelair problems Wonderd if and how you solved the problem Wr Henl
  8. Thanks for the reply John printer wanhao duplicator v2.1/ 0.4 nozzle/ PLA /Cura 3.1 0.2-brimm 0.8-wall 0.8-top/b0.8-comp wall overlaps-hide seam-infill 20--retr 1.5-cooling-speed 60 mm/s pos see picture im chekking belts/stepper report back if there are results wr Henk
  9. Maby not the best picture Effekt occurs on two places see pic
  10. Hello Im having problems with printing round forms would like some sugg Wr Henk see picture
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