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  1. found an old post that pointed me in the right direction https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/19494-circles-are-not-fully-round/ my x / y frame was not 90 degrees square have tacled this with braces and the print result is finally good w r Henk
  2. Well, if changed the stepper but no(the same) result Dont know were to look now for a sollution? Wr Henk
  3. have checked every bolt a more closer look shows a mistake in the print direction at 4 places see image now i think that the y axis stepper motor skips steps at direction change have ordered a new one fingers crossed?
  4. Hello I have simmelair problems Wonderd if and how you solved the problem Wr Henl
  5. Thanks for the reply John printer wanhao duplicator v2.1/ 0.4 nozzle/ PLA /Cura 3.1 0.2-brimm 0.8-wall 0.8-top/b0.8-comp wall overlaps-hide seam-infill 20--retr 1.5-cooling-speed 60 mm/s pos see picture im chekking belts/stepper report back if there are results wr Henk
  6. Maby not the best picture Effekt occurs on two places see pic
  7. Hello Im having problems with printing round forms would like some sugg Wr Henk see picture
  8. All interesting options to try but my problem is how to upgrade to the new cura version(s) and resulting in a better print Wr Henk
  9. I know PC does and is recommended. Hello Started with 16.0.1(black) has a raft/brim option Than 15.04.6 also After that 2.6.2 and 2.7 with al kind of options Normal a raft gives me the best result with sticking to the bed but with bad bottom result The skirt option in 2.7 works fore the bottom (in custom mode) Wr Henk
  10. Now with skirt isto raft Bottom is better only a z seam is still vissable Wr Henk
  11. That looks horrible.... Was that a default um profile? Yes in both versions Fore me its still a puzzle why every new version looks to give a worst result Wr Henk Do you have a link to the model? hope this link works:https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=bus.stl wr Henk
  12. That looks horrible.... Was that a default um profile? Yes in both versions Fore me its still a puzzle why every new version looks to give a worst result Wr Henk
  13. struggling struggling:( to much possibillities isnt always resulting in a better print left 2.7 rigth 15.04 long way to go fore me! wr Henk
  14. Hello Cant open GCode generated in version 2.6.2 with a simulation progam Wat am i doing wrong? Wr Henk
  15. After 1 1/2 week of problems finally printing with a good result!! Was drawing the reeds in 123design all from start and saw the options 1)to show the part 2)part with constr lines 3)constr lines only Never paid notions to that but i tried the option 1(part only) After that saved the stl and conv to g code in cura The g gode in a simulation showed a good print and the real print was now also with a good result without allthe problems of the last week So i think the constr lines were the problem in conversion with cura Wr Henk
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