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  1. I too would love this feature to be available. I am using my printer to print RC yacht hulls, and the spiralize feature produces wonderful sections, but the issue comes when there is an access hatch or similar to be included int he hull and the spiralize function does not cope. Then I go to a "standard" sort of print and cannot get even close tot he same print quality with it. I hope the developers see this as an option that could be utilised and make it available at some stage (pretty please)
  2. Hi - this is my first post (be easy on me). I am using Cura 15.04.6 My printing currently is involving printing RC Yacht hull sections, and after upgrading my printer to a Creality CR-10, I am seeing great improvements in the print quality results in general. With my hull prints, the actual print is just 0.8mm thick wall and the section I am printing at the moment to tune in the printer is the bow section. My first print was not much different to the old printer, a bit rough, not watertight and a reasonable amount of post processing work needed. I tried a print with spiralized mode s
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