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  1. Another thing, I forgot to ask: Yesterday, printing the "Babygroot" above, the printer just stopped printing half into the print without any error message inside Cura. Both fans kept running, but all motors stopped suddenly. Is there a kind of log file I can look into, or is there something else I can do to figure out why this happened?
  2. Hey there, I have recently bought and assembled my first printer, a 2013 Ultimaker Original (DIY) from someone who had it laying around unassembled. I'm still having some issues though with my prints, first one: Round shapes, like the eyes, or chin here, come out with a sharp angle/ridge. Any ideas what this could be? Another thing is: See how the outer 2 perimeters on both objects here also have this kind of "ridge" with a gap to the inner perimeters, which come out round. Thanks for any advice on how to fix this!
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