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  1. Dear Community, I tried using 'pause at height' script but my UM3 not pausing at the desired height. It continued printing till the end. Can anyone help what could be the problem? I am using all the latest firmware & cura versions. Thanks
  2. Dear Community, I printed two parts with Ultimaker TPU95A but the middle portion of the part appears to have gone under heavy under extrusion (refer attached image). Top and bottom part is ok where there are no features. Can anyone tell why this has happened? Is TPU not able to form feature/details on the part? I've taken an order from someone & now in a fix what to do. Please support. Layer hight - 200 microns Printer - Ultimaker3 Thanks
  3. Dear Community, The ultimaker nylon which I am printing right now is making cracking sound, seems it absorbed moisture from the environment. And this happened after storing it securely in airtight zip pouches with desiccant inside. Now I wanted some help regarding this issue - 1. What is the best way to store the nylon filament (I am sure my PVA too have absorbed moisture) without letting it absorb moisture? 2. How can I remove the moisture content from my current Ultimaker nylon filament? 3. Any further suggestions. Please support. Thanks,
  4. No sizzle or hissing sound coming during extrusion. I printed few parts and no issues are observed. Is this due to the type of material (UM metallic silver)? Thanks,
  5. Hi, I recently purchased from Ultimaker ABS (silver) filament from local re-seller but I find the extruded filament is not smooth and appears to be rough. Can any one tell what could be the problem? I've attached the image of the issue. Thanks
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