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  1. If you arr talking about the mod I post before, the anwser is yes, mainly the metal heatsink for second extruder. However, for original UM2+, these extruder design with heatsink is already modify version and mainly for 1.75mm filament.
  2. Basically, I don't understand how your design work, but my design is try to not modify the metal parts, because they can help to hold the extruder in position and only allow it move up and down.
  3. All related files can be downloaded from Thingiverse now with following URL. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4655216/files
  4. Below the sample printing video with PLA+PVA after modification.
  5. Let me consolidate all related files and upload to Thingiverse, however, apart from those plastic parts (you can print by yourself with ABS), some metal parts also need to be modified and which may not easy for everyone, you can refer to the photos I attached below, I also upload more photos of my mod for reference.
  6. Actually, it is a QQ group which provide 3D printer parts and support information, someone uploaded the DXU related file to group archive, after I download it, this special idea embedded inside. I tried to print the parts with those STL files, but after the assemble, not working very well, the second head up and down not smooth, also not fit with original plastic parts, the second head will fall down while high speed movement (with vibration). But this looks like a very good idea, which can make use of metal parts, so, I decided to redraw all the related parts based on this ide
  7. I finally converted my printer to DXU, but I am not using the original DXU print head, instead, I make use of the original head with modification, so that I can keep using the metal parts. I found this modification design from Chat room, however, the author only released the STL files and some them seems not work well. Therefore, I based on the original head dimension and reference to the STL file, I redraw all of them with Solidwork, modified some key area, attached the photos of my build as well as the parts photo exported from Solidwork. This head now used for over 100 hours
  8. Hi, any UM2+ user encouter the surface printer issue indicated in attach photo? the repeative pattern happen on every print, this should not be caused by bluid plate not flat, because same problem also happen on top surface on high object.
  9. Nope. Can you share some more details? What's the firmware version? Which slicer? What's the printing temperature? I am using your latest 17.06 firmware with Cura 2.7, temp is 185 with PLA, seems it just some time skip the retract before tool change. Now I try to use tool retract in Cura and stop using the firmware one, same result, it just sime time simple ignore the retract g1 gcode before T1/T0 command. So strange.
  10. There's no special reason (at least not that i'm aware of). AFAIK this are the standard formulas that Cura uses, if acceleration or jerk control is enabled. You can disable it in Cura, if you want. Mark2 works with the standard values of the printer as well. What's the reason of your question? Did you noticed any serious drawbacks related to these values? Hi Tinkergnome, Have you ever experience that, the Mark2 sometime won't do the tool change retract after changing the head? This happen occasionally, not frequent but at least few times within a single print.
  11. Hi to all ! Yes ! it's indeed very very annoying, it kills completely the prime tower interest. I tried to apply the Mark2Tweaks.py pluging, it doesn't work for me, may be this could work for someone else ? I tried to use the post processing scripts, it works and it can eliminate the random move after tool change. I check the scripts and g-code, it remove the random move after tool change with some logic. But I also found that, if I enable the tool change retract feature in Cura, Cura will add some retract command right after tool change command, which will cause the script fail t
  12. I found that, if I enable all the acceleration and Jerk control in Cura, sometime the tool change retract by Mark2 firmware will be ignore. Especially when printing some small object. Seems the do not have that speed to finish the jerk and acceleration command and then simple ignore the retract command. One I disable the Jerk and Acceleration control in Cura, everything just resume to normal.
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