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  1. Where can I find the End User License agreement of CURA or Ultimaker?
  2. Is it telling your your BB Core is really an AA Core? Is the BB Core sitting all the way in the printhead until you hear a click? If you try putting your AA Core on that same side, does the printer read that? It's just not reading the BB Core at slot 2
  3. I returned it and I started reinstalling the printer. It is now booting up but I now have another problem. The BB head is not being auto detected. I tried changing the printcore to BB but it is not working :(
  4. Yes. Completely blank. It could be a firmware issue because the light on the head turned orange after a few minutes but still the LCD upfront did not show anything. I was advised to download the image file from - http://software.ultimaker.com/jedi/releases/recovery.img, but I am unable to do so. Would you know how to download this recovery image?
  5. I was excited when our Ultimaker 3 arrived today. I followed the instruction from the downloaded app up until the turning on process. When I turned it on, I heard a fan start up but it did not boot up. I waited for 15 minutes since it said it would take some time to boot but it didn't. No light on the LCD (front) however the red light was on under (power supply) which indicated that power was flowing from the port to the printer. Need help. Is there a hardware reboot for Ultimaker 3?
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