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  1. mike-truly, I have the exact same issue with the back right print bed not adhering as well as the rest of the bed. gr5 and yellowshark make some interesting points that I will also try. Here are a couple of the things I've been doing: 1. Pre-heat the bed 5-10 minutes before I start the print. Based on yellowshark's comment I will probably increase this to 15 minutes. 2. Print a skirt. If the skirt prints OK, the rest of the print probably will too. 3. I watch the first layer and if I see trouble in the back right corner, I very slightly push up on the bed with my hand from underneath the print plate. I know this sounds crazy and dangerous, but it works for me. I've experimented with different adhesives, but find printing directly to the glass to be the best. I clean and polish the glass and the prints stick very well, but pop off easily after it has cooled.
  2. Thanks jhertzberg, that is reassuring. I was concerned that the inertia of the table as it wobbles about might effect the movement of the print head.
  3. For the past couple of years I've had my Ultimaker 2+ on a very solid workbench, but I'm thinking or rearranging my office and putting the printer on a wobbly table that is also on wheels. I am wondering if there will be any noticeable impact on printing? I figure it would be a good idea to fix the printer to the table so it doesn't rattle off the table, but I think that would amplify the wobble of the table. I read a few related posts - some say a wobbly table won't have an impact and some say it will...
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