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  1. @smithy's suggestion will work. Alternatively, plugins and materials will also be automatically un-linked from your Ultimaker account if you remove them from the 'installed' section of the Cura Marketplace while signed in.
  2. Firstly, it is not trivial, because we are dealing with a security model that touches the physical and digital domains. For example adding a password to prevent stopping a print job via the local web UI does not add much value, because anyone could walk up to the printer and do it via the display as well. As a result, you'd also have to deal with authentication on the printer itself, which is much harder due to limited input possibilities (no one really wants to enter a full password on such a small screen). The embedded team is working on some options, but there not just not there yet.
  3. "print over cloud" is only available when: 1) you have actively connected your printer to the cloud (via https://digitalfactory.ultimaker.com). 2) the printer cannot be found by Cura on the local network (which is always the preferred networking route). So this is a pretty active opt-in. The reason we're doing more and more via the cloud however is to actually prevent issues with local networking, which are very common due to the many different LAN setups our users have. If you're worried about security or privacy, I can refer you to our support section about this
  4. Hi, The regular Ultimaker 3 firmware (5.2.12) does indeed not support these features. I'm not sure you how had these features before, but that was likely via the local network UI instead of the cloud? Chris
  5. Hi, We don't disclose specific dates for any product or feature launches, hopefully you understand. Kind regards, Chris
  6. Hi, There currently is no such feature indeed, as @Dim3nsioneer mentioned. I'll forward it to the product owner of Digital Factory to see if there's something that can be placed on the roadmap. Chris
  7. Hi, Could you upload the logs of the printer itself here or via a private message? You can extract them to a USB drive via the settings menu on the screen. It seems the printer is successfully connected (hence the 200), but the data the printer's sending is malformed and not accepted by the cloud. Chris (p.s. that 404 you posted first is expected, that URL only gives a 200 if you're an Essentials customer)
  8. Hi, Can you please upload some logs from the printer (you can dump them to USB from the settings menu) so we can have a look what's going on? Chris
  9. Hi, Great idea! Currently you can only send new print jobs from Cura and add those to the queue of the connected printers. We're also working on something that will likely solve your problem! Chris
  10. Hi, Please export the printer's logs via the settings menu on the touch screen and upload them here or send them to me in a private message. Hopefully the logs will reveal why the printer is no longer appearing in your Digital Factory. Chris
  11. Hi, You can send an account recovery request to the Ultimaker support team via https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. Chris
  12. Easiest would be to dump the whole ZIP file to a USB drive from the printer's touch screen settings menu. Then upload the ZIP here or send it to me in a private message.
  13. Hi, The firmware teams are working on improving network stability. In the mean time, can you upload your printer's log here so I can attach them to our internal tracking ticket? Chris
  14. We're about to overhaul the analytics system in Digital Factory. We'll take this as input for improving the functionality. I can't tell anything about exact features or timelines as I'm not the one juggling the backlog.
  15. I'll make sure the operations team takes care of that asap.
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