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  1. Hi, This is a known issue with Ultimaker S3 at the moment. We have identified the problem and will supply a firmware update to resolve it (not sure about the ETA of that at the moment).
  2. In that case you're running into a bug that is specific for S3. Our embedded firmware developers are looking into this and a patch will be made available once fixed.
  3. Which printer type and firmware version are you running?
  4. Which firmware version are you running? Could you send the printer logs to me (downloadable via the printer's display to USB drive).
  5. Hi, Could you give me your email address that you used to create the account over a private message? Then I can send you a reset code so you can get into your account again (and disable or setup 2FA again). Support from the web page itself is something we're working on. Chris
  6. As @Smithy indicates, opening your firewall is not recommended at all. Any device in your network would be reachable from the Internet, for example by automated systems like botnets that continuously search for available servers to exploit. Any device in your network could then potentially be a stepping stone to infiltrate the rest. Ultimaker Cloud (https://mycloud.ultimaker.com) only requires Cura and the printer to be able to reach the internet from within your local network, not the other way around. For now functionality is limited compared to Ultimaker Connect, but more features will be coming soon.
  7. Remote queue management is only available with firmware 5.3 and newer (as it required changes on the printer to make this possible). This firmware version is not available for UM3 (and I'm not sure when it will be). As a work-around you could reset Connect on the printer's display and then setup the connection again (or override the material selection on the printer).
  8. I have created a PR (https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/pull/6580) to bring back this feature. We'll see if the Cura devs review and merge it for the 4.4 release.
  9. Maybe you could leverage the Octoprint open source community to add support for the UM3? They seem to be quite active over on GitHub.
  10. No need to make passive agressive comments, let's keep it civil here. The UM3 has plenty of remote printing options (Ultimaker Connect, Ultimaker Cloud, it even has a completely open API for local networking interaction). It's just not Octoprint compatible as Octoprint is someone else's open source project that relies on a printer being connectable with USB slave functionality (which actually is quite a bad way of controlling a 3D printer because USB has plenty of stability issues). Now someone could easily go ahead and write an Octoprint plugin that connects to the UM3 over the network and add support for it that way, but apparently as no one has done that yet the other options that Ultimaker gives are satisfactory.
  11. It seems that UM3 support for Octoprint is still an outstanding issue (e.g.https://github.com/foosel/OctoPrint/issues/2288). The UM3 firmware does not support features like timelapse out of the box, so you'd have to use the webcam http endpoint and manually construct something.
  12. Can you upload a picture of how you're connecting your UM3 to the Raspberry Pi? The USB port in the front is for USB thumbdrives only (for offline printing), and there's no USB slave port on the back like the UM2(+) had.
  13. I'm not sure what you're trying to do, but the Ultimaker 3 series is not compatible with USB slave printing (and thus Octoprint). You can connect your UM3 (extended) via the direct networking or cloud features of Cura and UM firmware.
  14. Hi, I'm one of the developers involved in Connect. As @Smithy indicates, ethernet will always be more stable than wifi. However we're still interested in finding potential problems that are unrelated to wireless technology. Maybe you could share the logs of your printer with us (in a private message if desired)? You can find the option to dump logs to USB in the printer's settings menu. Also, which firmware version are you running? Thanks!
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