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  1. There will be a firmware and cloud update very soon that brings the queue controls to the cloud (as they are in Connect)!
  2. Interesting idea. Their APIs are probably very different, so I'll either have to find common denominators and generalize the API responses to an internal model, or create separate plugins (but that adds maintenance burden, especially on the UI part). If I were to add one extra source, which one would you like to see first?
  3. I have updated the plugin numerous times since this thread, notable features are: * Improved search * Pagination * Improved error handling (e.g. when the ThingiVerse API is down) I have just submitted a release (1.3.0, hopefully approved soon) that adds buttons for accessing popular, features, and newest things: Let me know what you want added next!
  4. Yes, that works fine. Cura copies the whole user data folder when upgrading, but leaves the old one intact. So when you start 4.0 back up, all the data is still there.
  5. It's true. We call him Bob.
  6. I have raised the filament flow sensor notifications internally last week. We'll see if this makes the priority list anytime soon.
  7. The Ultimaker App only supports monitoring via the local network. For remote monitoring I suggest you use Cura to send jobs and mycloud.ultimaker.com for remote monitoring (works great on mobile browser). Note that push notifications in the app do work outside of the local network (as we relay them through the cloud).
  8. To get attention from the developers its probably best to report this via https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues.
  9. This is a fair request, I'll make sure it gets on the radar of the relevant people. Although a Cura plugin will not be able to solve this, a small web server talking to Ultimaker Cloud might do the trick. In particular the cluster status endpoint. Note that this requires knowledge of talking to a web API and a cloud connected Ultimaker printer.
  10. Cura uses port 80 (API) and 8080 (camera) to communicate to the printer on the local network. It also uses bonjour (zeroconf) discovery if you want automatic detection.
  11. Hi! Ultimaker uses port 443 (https) on every connection to the cloud. Whitelisting this port on the *.ultimaker.com range should do the trick. If there's other issue with setting it up, please let me know (I'm in the team that develops Ultimaker Cloud). Chris
  12. Hi @AndersK, Great you're up and running again! We'll keep our internal ticket around as it's clearly a bug (to us). Chris
  13. This is a bug in 4.2. We have fixed it for 4.3 🙂
  14. Hi @AndersK, Thanks for reporting this. I have attache your log file to an internal ticket with the team that works on Connect. Although we're quite busy at the moment we'll be sure to investigate your problem and try to reproduce it.
  15. Note: don't hold me liable for any of the following information, it might not be accurate over time. It just reflects my current state of thinking in my role at Ultimaker. We currently have no plans to make Connect work outside of a printer, and for sure not officially supporting people trying to do that themselves. We're focusing on using cloud technology to scale up the grouping of printers and scheduling of print jobs instead of a local server, because that's the only way that Ultimaker can guarantee service quality and the environment in which it runs. Also more and more companies want to buy SaaS solutions instead of owning and managing on-premise hardware. In terms of effort to actually make it work, that's hard to guess as we haven't put further effort in pursuing this option (so no estimations were done). If you wanna have a go at it yourself, feel free to SSH into the printer an have a look around what's installed on the file system in terms of Python packages. I'm not sure if you're allowed to run your alterations commercially, but 'hobbying around' is fine I guess.
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