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  1. Hi! Can you share the Cura logs with me (via private message is OK). Chris
  2. Hi, Yes, if you're a user that is part of an organization that's subscribed to Ultimaker Essentials, Professional or Excellence, Cura and the Marketplace will only show you plugins that are audited for enterprise security (one of the security features of our subscription plans). Plugins that are not audited cannot be installed in Cura Enterprise and thus will not be shown. This is expected behavior. But I understand that it's not entirely clear, so we might improve this UX-wise (although that's not a priority at the moment). Chris
  3. Yeah the system requires the ZIP file to have a root-level directory with the same name as the plugin, and then all the files in that directory. If you like some automation, here's an example of a plugin I maintain that installs files in the correct path in the ZIP file that I then download from GitHub Actions' artifact browser and upload in the portal.
  4. Hi @ddrsarah, I see 2 distinct errors in the logs: 1) A faulty/weird material XML file causes the Python XML parser to crash, subsequently taking down the software that is responsible for telling the cloud what the printer is doing. 2) The printer did not receive a valid IP address from the DHCP server on the router, so a network connection could be established. The first one should be solved by doing a factory reset, but make sure that you're not running Cura in the same network still which might send the faulty XML material file again (why it is fault
  5. Hi, It's possible something went wrong during the connection flow. To help you further I need some printer logs, which you can export to USB from the printer's display and then upload here to send to me via a private message. Some steps you can try as well: * Has the printer been connected to the cloud in the past? Disconnect the printer via and then try the connection workflow again. * Try a [Connect Reset] or [Factory Reset] via the printer's settings menu and then try the connection workflow again. This should r
  6. @frankpian are you on Windows by any chance? We discovered a bug last week that was caused by windows assigning a slightly different content type header to ZIP files (application/x-zip-compressed instead of the regular application/zip), and we have since fixed this bug, so it should work now if that was the problem that you encountered.
  7. Ah okay. I'm not sure what hardware is used for demo units, might be pre-production units with less thought-out cabling and such.
  8. Sounds like you have a really problematic unit and maybe contact your reseller for a replacement? There really shouldn't be so many errors. I'm not 100% sure about Ultimaker's (or your reseller's) replacement policy, but I would at least ask for it. Chris
  9. Me too! I have a UM3 at home and would love to get all the newer features on it!
  10. Hi, This could be caused by many different things, although it's unlikely the Digital Factory as that part of the system just transfers the files. Since you indicate the problem started after updating to Cura 4.9, I'll move this question over to that subforum. In the meantime, a few questions to help you debug: 1. Did you recently update the firmware version on your Pro Bundle? And if so, did the problem start after that? 2. Can you try slicing something again in Cura 4.8 (you can install multiple versions of Cura side by side), and see if the problem a
  11. Hi, The backups are securely stored in Ultimaker's cloud. You can restore a backup in any installation of Cura as long as you're signed in with your Ultimaker Account (for example you can create a backup on your desktop and restore it on your laptop, as a way to synchronise settings between Cura installations). There is currently no option to download the backups and store them on your own computer or cloud service. However you could quite easily achieve this by using for example the Selective Sync feature of Dropbox and selecting the Cura user folder as one of the fold
  12. Hi! Yeah, you can make backups in version 4.9.1. Navigate to 'Extensions' -> 'Cura backups' -> 'Manage backups'. From there, you can sign in with an Ultimaker Account (or create one if you haven't already), and create a backup. You can also enable 'auto backup', which will store a backup of all your settings every day (if you start Cura) automatically. Once you've created a backup, you can restore it via this window as well (this will wipe your current settings and replace them with the ones in the backup).
  13. Hi, Unfortunately I have no update on this yet. It's still on the planning to work on a UM3 update, but no release date can be confirmed at this time. Chris
  14. Good to hear. Yeah, it can always be that there's a few minutes of disrupted connectivity for all kinds of (networking related) reasons.
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