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  1. I'll keep pressing for that update to happen soon! Unfortunately this is not a Digital Factory issue, but the printer actually not having a distinct state for printing vs clearing the build plate (it only goes to 'finished' after clearing the build plate). I'll talk to the embedded systems team to see if they can introduce a new state for this.
  2. For Cura desktop issues it'd be best to tag one of the Cura developers like @nallath or @ghostkeeper.
  3. What kind of functionality are you looking for? We'd love to know how we can make the product better. Note that we're shipping new features regularly, and not all of those are laid out in blog posts or announcements. Also some features are only available when subscribing to Ultimaker Essentials. CC @AAH
  4. Hi Mike, I've analyzed your log files and I see the following two errors over and over again: Dec 16 15:25:39 ultimakersystem-0030d622a206 python3[1223]: RuntimeError: Sync failed: _DBusProxyProperty(fan_power, nl.ultimaker.airmanager1.am1@/nl/ultimaker/airmanager1/am1) (DBusException(dbus.String('The name :1.32 was not provided by any .service files'),),) This error indicates a potential problem with the connection to the Air Manager. It appears very often and might influence the stability of other software running on the printer, like the connection to the
  5. Hi Mike, Could you export the printer logs via the touch screen to a USB drive and either upload them here or send me a DM? That'll allow me to see what might be going on with the connection. Chris
  6. Hi, Great to hear you got it working! Hopefully it'll work with all the other students soon as well. The webcam works in the cloud if you run the latest stable firmware on and S3 or S5. A new image should appear every 10 seconds or so. Chris
  7. Hi, It sounds like you're forwarding the local interface instead of using the Digital Factory cloud functionality. To set up a printer via the cloud and share it with other people I recommend to follow the steps outlined in this support article. After that you can share the printer with your students as explained here, after which the printers will automatically be synchronised with Ultimaker Cura when signed in with one of the accounts that the printers were shared with. Finally I recommend not forwarding ports on your router to printers on the local networ
  8. Hi, Is he signed in to his Ultimaker Account in Cura and can he see the printer in the dropdown list in the top left? Furthermore, if he navigates to digitalfactory.ultimaker.com and signs in with his account, can he see the printer(s) there? Chris
  9. That'd be great. Usually the logs contain some information about why a certain problem occurred, and if that's the case we can try and prevent it for other users in the future. If you could get those to me that would be greatly appreciated. Yes it does. The Digital Factory Reset basically clears all data related to print jobs, analytics, history and grouping. It does not remove data specific for the printer you're doing the reset on, like current material and core configuration, calibration, and other on-machine settings. If you have one person that
  10. Hi, Great to see that you were able to set up at least 1 printer! First of all, could you send me some logs for the printer that didn't connect? I'd like to see what's going on behind the scenes there to see if it's something we didn't know about yet. You can dump the logs to USB from the settings menu and then upload them here or send them to me in a private message. As for your questions: 1) That really depends on the customer. We usually see that one person 'owns' the printers and they add the printers to their account and share it with collea
  11. Hi, 1. Grouping a printer starts by navigating to the /printers page on the IP address of the printer you want to use a group host, and then add printers from there. That will prompt a confirmation message on display of the printer you want to add. Once confirming from there, the printer will be in the group as a guest printer. 2. Cloud printing is very secure and uses encryption of all data in both transit and rest. It's actually more secure than local network printing, as connections from Cura to the printers in your local network cannot be encrypted (as they do not u
  12. Hi @jeffroe, Please refer to the answer I've posted in the other thread you've created: Chris
  13. Hi, Here's some answers to your questions: - How are these printers getting grouped in the first place? I suspect that the users who aren't as familiar with the system as I am (and others in the team that helped to deploy them are), and they are blindly clicking a prompt that is suggesting a group, but I can't be sure because I haven't seen the prompt myself. Printers will certainly not group by themselves, so very likely someone else in the same network has done that. - Can grouping of printers be prevented? We have released Firmware 6.x for the
  14. ctbeke

    Delete account

    I was able to find a spare half our to make some improvements. We'll be rolling out the following change somewhere this week on https://account.ultimaker.com/app/security: It doesn't automate the process, but at least makes it way easier to find out how to initiate it. Chris
  15. ctbeke

    Delete account

    Hi @peterfrosta, Allow me to explain a bit why there is not a simple button on account.ultimaker.com to remove your account. Ultimaker provides many services that require the usage of an account. This community is one of them, but so are Marketplace, Digital Factory, Academy, and so on. Some of these systems were built by Ultimaker, others we buy from 3rd parties (like Community). Because of this, data belonging to your account is distributed between many different databases. For security reasons there is often no way to remove the data for 'any random user' from these
  16. Hi, Archived projects cannot be recovered via the user interface. The reason we archive them instead of fully delete them is to prevent issues for already published releases of that plugin. I can recover the plugin for you manually if you want. Just send me the ID or name of the plugin in a private message and we can have a look. Chris
  17. Hi, Thanks for your reply. In that case I'm not sure what's going on. Does the printer have an active network (Ethernet or WiFi) connection? Maybe an embedded engineer has more info on this, I'll forward them this thread. Chris
  18. Hi, You can turn developer mode on and off via the printer's display (in the settings menu). Depending on whether you have an Ultimaker 3, S3 or S5 it'll be in a different location in the menu structure. Chris
  19. Hi @3dprntz, I've read through the log files and can't really find anything obviously wrong in them. There's not error messages related to the cloud connection. Furthermore in our cloud back-end logging I can see that the printer successfully connects. Could you try the following steps for me to see if it shows up on digitalfactory.ultimaker.com? 1) Remove the printer from your account (on https://digitalfactory.ultimaker.com/app/printers, on the printer tile menu select "remove from account") 2) Perform a factory reset on the printer (via the settings menu on the
  20. Hi, So what you're saying is that you see this screen, but the printer is not visible on digitalfactory.ultimaker.com? Which firmware version do you have installed on your Ultimaker 3? Could you send me the printer logs (exportable from the display to USB)? Chris
  21. @inworks I'm not sure about the future roadmap for UM3, but I'm sure we'll release an update for it somewhere in 2021 that will include the later additions to the communication protocol between printer and cloud (unlocking features like webcam screenshots).
  22. Hi, For remote monitoring I advice to use the cloud-based Digital Factory connection instead of a VPN solution. You can get your printers connected by navigating to https://digitalfactory.ultimaker.com. Chris
  23. The "Check for account updates" button synchronizes Marketplace plugins and materials that were either added to Cura while signed-in, or those added via marketplace.ultimaker.com. However, you can achieve the desired effect of synchronizing all Cura settings (including custom profiles) by using the "Cura Backups" plugin, available in the "extensions" menu. Simply create a backup on one machine, and then restore it on another. This will copy over all the settings.
  24. Please export the printer logs via the touch screen settings menu and upload them here or send them to me via DM. Without those we can't really see what is going on. Chris
  25. You'll be happy to hear then that an upcoming firmware release will allow you to enable a firewall, blocking all incoming traffic from the local network. This is full, 100%, network security, whereas passwords are definitely not. By enabling this firewall, users are forced to print either via USB (physical security can prevent access to this if needed), or by using the Digital Factory, which has full user management and access management in place (especially if you're a company on an Ultimaker Essentials subscription). So we take security very seriously and are doing continuous imp
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