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  1. No need to make passive agressive comments, let's keep it civil here.


    The UM3 has plenty of remote printing options (Ultimaker Connect, Ultimaker Cloud, it even has a completely open API for local networking interaction). It's just not Octoprint compatible as Octoprint is someone else's open source project that relies on a printer being connectable with USB slave functionality (which actually is quite a bad way of controlling a 3D printer because USB has plenty of stability issues). Now someone could easily go ahead and write an Octoprint plugin that connects to the UM3 over the network and add support for it that way, but apparently as no one has done that yet the other options that Ultimaker gives are satisfactory.

  2. Can you upload a picture of how you're connecting your UM3 to the Raspberry Pi? The USB port in the front is for USB thumbdrives only (for offline printing), and there's no USB slave port on the back like the UM2(+) had.

  3. I'm not sure what you're trying to do, but the Ultimaker 3 series is not compatible with USB slave printing (and thus Octoprint). You can connect your UM3 (extended) via the direct networking or cloud features of Cura and UM firmware.

  4. Hi,


    I'm one of the developers involved in Connect. As @Smithy indicates, ethernet will always be more stable than wifi. However we're still interested in finding potential problems that are unrelated to wireless technology. Maybe you could share the logs of your printer with us (in a private message if desired)? You can find the option to dump logs to USB in the printer's settings menu.

    Also, which firmware version are you running?



  5. 3 hours ago, Carla_Birch said:


    Better leveling same as the S5 and i would say its also got the harded extruder so the CC cores can be used without wearing down the extruder gears.


    The build size is a bit wider but then you lose some of the depth what i do find a little odd, should have atlest matched the U3 


    From the top of my head, the differences with UM3 are:


    * Multi-point bed leveling (resulting is better 1st layer adhesion)

    * Glass door to prevent (most) air draft

    * Filament flow sensor

    * Hardened feeder wheel to support abrasive materials (thus supporting the CC Red Print Core)

    * Trinamic stepper drivers (same as S5), so much quieter while printing

    * Improved feeder lever (instead of that kinda hard-to-use force push button)

    * Touch screen interface (after working with it compared to the old click wheel you really don't wanna go back...)

    * Improved gantry to support the full build volume with both print cores

    * Integrated power supply (no more messy power brick somewhere around your printer)

    * Higher EMC class rating due to improved electronics (safer for certain environments)

    * Stiffer build plate gantry and wider diameter X/Y axis

    * Improved print head (same as S5, which was an iteration on top of the UM3 head)

    * Slightly different side panels and screws (cleaner finish)

    * A UMB port to support possible future hardware add-ons


    I'll leave it up to the market to decide if this justifies the price point 😛

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  6. 2 hours ago, urilevin said:

    how can i clear a 3d printing  that is in the que in my cloud ?




    There will be a firmware and cloud update very soon that brings the queue controls to the cloud (as they are in Connect)!

  7. 2 hours ago, kmanstudios said:

    Just out of curiousity, will it eventually include (or be separate from this plugin by venue) other model sources such as Youmagine, MyMiniFactory and others?


    Interesting idea. Their APIs are probably very different, so I'll either have to find common denominators and generalize the API responses to an internal model, or create separate plugins (but that adds maintenance burden, especially on the UI part). If I were to add one extra source, which one would you like to see first?

  8. I have updated the plugin numerous times since this thread, notable features are:


    * Improved search

    * Pagination

    * Improved error handling (e.g. when the ThingiVerse API is down)


    I have just submitted a release (1.3.0, hopefully approved soon) that adds buttons for accessing popular, features, and newest things:




    Let me know what you want added next!

  9. 3 hours ago, Brulti said:

    It's sold with a robot assistant that handles changing filament and cleaning the plate after a print for you, then starts the new print. 😉


    It's true. We call him Bob.

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  10. 9 hours ago, Smithy said:

    The problem with the push notifications is, that the important one is missing - material problem or out. I hope it will get somedays a higher priority.


    I have raised the filament flow sensor notifications internally last week. We'll see if this makes the priority list anytime soon.

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  11. The Ultimaker App only supports monitoring via the local network. For remote monitoring I suggest you use Cura to send jobs and mycloud.ultimaker.com for remote monitoring (works great on mobile browser). Note that push notifications in the app do work outside of the local network (as we relay them through the cloud).

  12. Hi!


    Ultimaker uses port 443 (https) on every connection to the cloud. Whitelisting this port on the *.ultimaker.com range should do the trick.

    If there's other issue with setting it up, please let me know (I'm in the team that develops Ultimaker Cloud).



  13. Hi @AndersK,

    Thanks for reporting this. I have attache your log file to an internal ticket with the team that works on Connect. Although we're quite busy at the moment we'll be sure to investigate your problem and try to reproduce it.

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