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  1. 1 hour ago, yigitdurmus said:

    Is it so hard to implement that feature???


    Firstly, it is not trivial, because we are dealing with a security model that touches the physical and digital domains. For example adding a password to prevent stopping a print job via the local web UI does not add much value, because anyone could walk up to the printer and do it via the display as well. As a result, you'd also have to deal with authentication on the printer itself, which is much harder due to limited input possibilities (no one really wants to enter a full password on such a small screen). The embedded team is working on some options, but there not just not there yet.


    Secondly, it is actually not very secure, because in the local networking you cannot deploy HTTPS (this standard requires domain names, it does not work with IP addresses). So any password entered will be sent in plain-text over the local network from your browser to the printer. Very easy to intercept. You also have to store this password then on the printer. Doing SSH into the printer firmware when it's in developer/debug mode then allows you to find these passwords on the file system. Even if that's encrypted, you'd still have plenty of points to start reverse engineering them.


    Thirdly, adding authentication to the local web UI is not in line with our future direction. We're implementing all new functionality in the cloud-based Digital Factory, which has proper authentication, two-factor authentication, and way more options to expand upon. The local web UI is mainly there for legacy reasons. For those customers who require that UI to be not accessible, the firewall option works fine.


    Hopefully this gives you some insight into our line of thinking, and why we very likely will not add password protection to the local web UI.

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  2. "print over cloud" is only available when:


    1) you have actively connected your printer to the cloud (via https://digitalfactory.ultimaker.com).

    2) the printer cannot be found by Cura on the local network (which is always the preferred networking route).


    So this is a pretty active opt-in. The reason we're doing more and more via the cloud however is to actually prevent issues with local networking, which are very common due to the many different LAN setups our users have. If you're worried about security or privacy, I can refer you to our support section about this topic.


    As for the camera, this is not available in Cura when using cloud, but it is available on https://digitalfactory.ultimaker.com when using an Ultimaker S3 or S5 with the latest firmware, or when you use the local network on any of our connected printers.

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  3. Hi,


    Could you upload the logs of the printer itself here or via a private message? You can extract them to a USB drive via the settings menu on the screen.


    It seems the printer is successfully connected (hence the 200), but the data the printer's sending is malformed and not accepted by the cloud.




    (p.s. that 404 you posted first is expected, that URL only gives a 200 if you're an Essentials customer)

  4. 15 minutes ago, M246T said:

    Are there any updates on thing topic?

    We are using a UM S5 and need to prevent people from accessing the Eventlog, Cura Connect etc. via the web UI.

    A simple password protection would do the job for us.

    Does anyone have a simple solution?


    On the current firmware release this is not possible. You could put a firewall in front of the printer (or separate it in a subnet) to prevent access to the web UI. In the Essentials IT admin learning course this is explained in more details.

  5. 9 hours ago, jkcz said:

    I'm having the same issues, first I thought it was the company internet policy so I got all the address required to use the cloud services whitelisted (I think @ctbeke posted these a month ago or so, can't remember exactly where I found them), it worked for a bit but was flaky. Now I can't get the camera icon to show even if there is no filtering or surfing policy enabled. I only upgraded my firmware in order to be able to use this feature and now it is broken too:(


    Please upload or send me the printers logs so I can attach these to our internal ticket. The more we know, the faster we can fix it!

  6. 1 hour ago, Carla_Birch said:

    I h


    I had the same problem happen, it worked at first then it just stopped showing the camera one day and saying about the group does not support all the features.


    Once my printers are done with the print jobs they got going now in a few days, i'll set cloud back up and see if it's still doing it and if so i'll post my logs also.


    That'd be great. We have created an internal ticket for this problem as well, I expect it to be picked up soon, but likely a firmware release is needed to deploy a fix to the field.

  7. 1 hour ago, Nathan512 said:

    Same to me when try to include the generic HIPS. 


    HIPS is also not supported by Ultimaker printers, so even though the generic HIPS profile is in the Marketplace (for other purposes) you won't see it when you have an Ultimaker selected.

  8. Hi all!


    With the Cura 4.7.0 Beta, I have updated the ThingiBrowser plugin to support that new version and add some other new functionalities like an improved sign-in flow for MyMiniFactory.


    You can see the full release notes and download the .curapackage at https://github.com/ChrisTerBeke/ThingiBrowser/releases/tag/v2.2.0. To install simply drag the package file onto the build plate.


    After a short testing period I will also release this version (with maybe some bug fixes if needed) on the Marketplace.





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