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  1. Finished my investigation. Some user accounts were incorrectly marked as Essentials customer by accident, causing all non-verified (security audited) plugins to be filtered out when signed-in to the Marketplace. The team is working on resolving this, so you should be able to see the Thingibrowser, and all other plugins, again in a short while. Please let me know if this is not yet the case by the end of the day.
  2. It should be available for Cura 4.0 and later, I'll investigate.
  3. Webcam images are now available in the cloud (with a 10-second interval)! If you install the latest Ultimaker S3 or S5 firmware you will see the webcam icon appear in the Digital Factory.
  4. The cloud-based Digital Factory currently supports all the features that Cura Connect had in the local network, with the exception of printer analytics (but this in progress). You need the latest firmware for S3 or S5. UM3 has limited support due to the lower frequency of firmware updates for that (older) machine. All our cloud-based products have APIs though, so data that might not be visible in our user interfaces yet might be available in an API, and you could hook up your own front-end to it.
  5. Hi, Sorry to hear you're having some issues with the latest release. In general I advice not to group printers in the local network anymore because of a whole range of issues that can occur related to local network configuration. We've noticed that its much stabler to connect printers to the Digital Factory individually. Sometimes these issues are caused by a bug on our side, but sometimes also by a customers' network configuration that is not fully supported by our printers. Secondly, the more printers you have grouped, the more performance is required of t
  6. Hi, Do you have a Kyma material spool loaded on the printer? And if so, which material did you select on the printer during the filament loading process?
  7. I'll relay that suggestion to the Digital Factory development team, Thanks!
  8. The logs contain the following line of interest: ERR - stardust:144 - WebSocket error: gaierror(-2, 'Name or service not known') A gaierror is thrown when a hostname is not valid during a DNS request. Is there anything in your local network that might influence DNS routing? If not, a reboot or factory reset of the printer might solve it.
  9. Great to hear that you're up and running again. For anyone still having this problem, please share some logs with us so we can investigate the root cause and fix the problem permanently.
  10. No worries. Addressing these issues with IT admins is precisely why we created Ultimaker Essentials which, next to a controlled environment for IT, also contains a lot of knowledge and e-learning about security and networking topics. Maybe your IT department will find it useful, and it's free to try. If there's further questions from the IT department I can help you with let me know, we'd very much prefer you to keep printing the 21st century-way!
  11. We currently have no plans to update the app to work with the cloud. You can use the mobile web UI however via https://digitalfactory.ultimaker.com and maybe pin that to your home screen. All the functionality available in the app is available there as well, with the exception of printer analytics (which we'll make available in the cloud as well in the near future).
  12. Improving the reporting (and moving it off the printer to Digital Factory) is pretty high on our wish list, so expect improvements in that area 🙂
  13. Great to hear that you were able to resolve the situation. As this is obviously not a desired situation I'll keep working with the embedded teams to make the networking more stable.
  14. Great to hear that Digital Factory is helping you with remote capabilities. All the current functionality and values can be found on our Essentials product overview page. We intend to add features over time to our online products. Some of them will be in the free version, some in the Essentials subscription.
  15. Hi, First of all, we take data security very seriously and we have multiple articles on our support forums about this topic. We also have an e-learning course for Essentials network administrators. The printer uploads and downloads the following data to the Digital Factory: 1) A status update every 10 seconds. This is only some text containing the status of the printer and print jobs. 2) A webcam image every 10 seconds, but only if the webcam viewer in the web UI is open. This is just a few KB per snapshot. 3) A print job is downloaded from Digital
  16. Apologies for the late reply, I usually don't look in the hardware forums but a colleague just made me aware of this thread. I'll move the thread to the Digital Factory section. As for the issue, please try the following things: 1) If you printer has been a guest in a local group before, make sure to disconnect it from the host printer. You can do this via http://ip_of_your_printer/print_jobs. Then try the pin connection flow again. 2) If that did not work, please upload the printer's logs here or in a private message to me. You can extract the logs via the
  17. Hi, At this moment we have not updated the user management yet, but the General Available version of Essentials later this year (we're in Early Access now) will contain improved user management for organizations. However the Ultimaker Account will remain unchanged, it's just that the account is part of an organization entity from there on and can access shared resources in that organization. The webcam feature in the cloud has been made available via a separate firmware release for S5 and S3 today (verwsion 5.7.3). After updating your printer to that firmware version yo
  18. Hi, From the logging I think that somehow the network stack on the printer got confused and started reporting an invalid IP address. Usually this is fixed by restarting the printer or resetting the local data (in the settings menu). Chris
  19. tldr; Digital Factory does not support 3rd party printers at the moment. We currently support only Ultimaker 3, Ultimaker S3 and Ultimaker S5 (both revisions) in the Digital Factory. The communication between printer and Digital Factory is an Ultimaker-specific protocol. Other printers could be made compatible to follow this protocol, but Ultimaker would leave it to the manufacturers of those printers to do so. Someone could also write a small application that sits between a (USB) printer and the Digital Factory protocol to relay and translate the messages. We can't really block ei
  20. Hi, Can you extract the printer logs to a USB drive and upload them here or share them with me privately? Chris
  21. All the most up-to-date content would be on our support website in the Cura section: https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/sections/360003548339-Ultimaker-Cura.
  22. Thanks for uploading the logs, I have sent those do the firmware team so they can further investigate the WiFi issues.
  23. It's unfortunate that we weren't able to solve your networking issues a while back. If I remember correctly, we received some logs from you and found networking related errors in them, but we were unable to resolve them for your particular machine (event after firmware reset). I have however forwarded those logs to the embedded software team that works on the S-line firmware (including networking), so hopefully they can figure out the root cause.
  24. The Maintenance Schedule and Analytics features are currently only available in the local network in what previously was called Ultimaker Connect. We're working on bringing these features to the cloud part of Digital Factory as well, but they need some more work to be implemented properly (especially the meta aspect across multiple printers/clusters, and taking access management into account). It's pretty high on our list though as many customers are asking for this.
  25. Hi, Some details are indeed not (yet) published on the support pages. For now I can elaborate a bit here: * Print jobs in the queue and recent history are stored on the printer itself. You can send jobs to the printer via local network and cloud and they'll end up in the same queue. * Cura switches between local network and cloud automatically depending on availability of either connection type; and if you're signed in with your Ultimaker Account. Local network always has preference over cloud for sending jobs. * Jobs sent locally can be monitored via the clou
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