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  1. Can you share logs with me? As far as I know the printer shouldn't call api.ultimaker.com unless specifically asked for.
  2. Which printer are you using? Not all printer types support PETG and thus the material is hidden if such a printer is selected. The material is still installed, just not visible.
  3. Hi, We have read through the logs, and it seems to be 'stuck' on the generic material profiles (it keeps thinking those have to be synced again). We'll investigate why those are not filtered out (because Cura ships with the same or a higher version of them). In the mean time, you can go to marketplace.ultimaker.com and unsubsribe from those, that will make the sync message for them go a way. Chris
  4. Without logs is hard to say what is going on. The logs provided in the 3rd post indicate some kind of network restrictions are in place that prevent Cura from calling the Ultimaker cloud services. The following helpdesk article explains which connections are made and which domains should be whitelisted for all services to work properly: https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012113719-I-am-having-networking-trouble-with-my-printer. If after configuring all of this it still doesn't work, something else is going on in Cura, but with the current logging I cannot find out what that wou
  5. @TerpsiKore please send your log file. The shorter after a wifi issue occurs the better.
  6. You can dump all the printer logs to USB from the touch screen settings menu.
  7. Great to hear you're back on track. We'd still very much like the logs if that's possible for you so we can examine what went wrong.
  8. You can share cloud-connected Ultimaker printers in teams via https://mycloud.ultimaker.com. Settings can only be shared via the backups tool at this moment, but we have plans to make this easier. Don't know any timelines on that yet though.
  9. Hi, Please export the printer logs to a USB drive an upload them here so we can help you figure out what is going on. After that, a Connect reset (from the printer's touch screen) can help to get the printer back into a working state (while we examine the logs).
  10. Can you upload (or send in a PM) any logs from Cura and the printer? Then we can have a look into what's going on in your case (every case is different in networking related issues).
  11. After a week of testing and fixing some bugs the 2.0.0 stable has now been published on the Marketplace!
  12. Do you have both printers on the stable channel? Maybe re-installing the latest firmware from the stable channel (and then rebooting) helps?
  13. Hi, I've received an update from one of the team members: Hopefully that'll help you out!
  14. Thanks, I have forwarded this information to the team working on Connect.
  15. Hi, Would you be able to extract the printer logs via the display to USB and upload them here or send them in a private message? That'll help us debugging what is going on.
  16. Next to my day job at Ultimaker (working mainly on online services), I maintain the ThingiBrowser Cura plugin. The past couple of days I have worked with BohunkG4mer to completely refactor the plugin in order to support a much requested feature: adding MyMiniFactory. With the refactor, the plugin now supports multiple online repositories to be connected, Thingiverse and MyMiniFactory being currently implemented. I'm sure more will follow. You can download the first Beta build from GitHub and drag it in Cura. Please open an issue request on GitHub when you find any probl
  17. You can find Ultimaker cloud API documentation at https://api.ultimaker.com/docs/.
  18. In general, for people reading these posts, exposing your printer's reverse proxy directly to the internet is not a good idea. Better to use Ultimaker Cloud for this so your connection is actually secure.
  19. Please send me your email address and username in a private message. Then I can help you further.
  20. Don't shoot the messenger... Anyways, there's a reason it is still in the experimental category. For one thing that usually means it's not clear how to use the settings.
  21. It has since been renamed to "topography size". More details are available in this commit: https://github.com/Ultimaker/CuraEngine/commit/76e9e27b300eee37e6bf0f41af96450c6eed4779.
  22. Feel free to check out the Ultimaker Cloud APIs, they might make your life easier with regards to sending jobs to connected printers.
  23. Still got the same issue (also when clearing cache).
  24. Building on top of what @nallath says, based on customer research we have found that authentication in the local network using a simple username/password simply doesn't cut it. Using Ultimaker Cloud (https://mycloud.ultimaker.com), any UM3 or newer benefits from (a currently basic) form of account-based authentication and team sharing. This is the place that we'll extend with more elaborate access control functionality that fits better with the growing B2B customer profile (but still keep it usable for individuals as well). I also strongly recommend against exposing the printer's l
  25. Any of the CAD programs that have plugins available for them in the Marketplace should be a good starting point. Currently all of these are maintained by @thopiekar, are in good condition, and regularly receive updates.
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