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  1. Just open the user data folder and you'll find a ZIP file with all the data backed up ?
  2. On Windows and Linux. Not on MacOS due to some issues with OpenBLAS (?) on that platform.
  3. You can find the slides here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1YY9IE8HPTmXydkej91vKg7MzaWopoPH66_UR1ev3ydc/edit?usp=sharing. Another good starting point for Python plugins is https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/wiki/Plugin-Directory. For post processing scripts I'm not sure where the best resources are, maybe @ghostkeeper can tell a bit about that?
  4. Please note that the Dremel plugin is not available in our Toolbox, so it's not been tested by the Cura team. This means that it can break in a new release as the Dremel developers are fully responsible for keeping the plugin up to date.
  5. You could the new Backups plugin in Cura 3.4. It's not focused on sharing, but it works (login with the same account on multiple machines). As @nallath indicates, we are working on actual sharing behaviors as well.
  6. We did some fixes to this script in the 3.4 Beta release, maybe you can try that?
  7. Mm that's weird. There should be more buttons (also a sign-out and profile edit button). Seems like something is going wrong in rendering the UI. Which OS and hardware are you running?
  8. Well, something must be blocking the connection. Our API is running fine... Maybe you can try a network sniffer to see what is happening?
  9. Sure, but probably not by Ultimaker though as we want to focus on integrating our own solutions.
  10. Do you have an internet connection? Or are you using a VPN or something? This message usually shows when Cura could not connect to our packages API.
  11. You can install the Backups plugin from the Toolbox. The plugin UI should speak for itself.
  12. Have a look at the cura.API.Backups Python module.
  13. The backup functionality itself is in Cura, the plugin only taps into it and connects to Ultimaker's cloud. So you can write your own NAS plugin to read/write backups.
  14. That's because walls are not infill... Keeping all walls the same layer height is quite important for structural integrity. I also don't think it possible (at least in a way to get good results) to use a post processing script to double the inner wall layer height, as changes to the actual slicing algorithm are needed to do this properly.
  15. Doubling the infill layer thickness is already possible, check the settings under 'infill'.
  16. We’re aware of this issue, but it’s not an easy fix. It comes down to Cura engine only receiving the amount of top/bottom layers and skin from the UI, not the absolute thickness in mm or something. To fix it, the way the setting are passed has to be changed, and also the algorithms that calculate the skins and top layers from those values. We’ll probably work on this first when we ever come around to improving adaptive layers. I’m currently not in the Cura team, so can’t give any details on further planning.
  17. Can't go into too much detail, but this is definitely on our own wish-list as well. I can post updates here if there's something to share.
  18. This has been requested several times already. In short: changing the camera types is pretty hard to do (how translate/scale/rotate/zoom works would have to be completely re-implemented). This means that it'll probably not happen anytime soon. More details: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/2545.
  19. We don't. We post update blogs on the Ultimaker website.
  20. Btw, from your comments I see that you're a University user? Would you mind reaching out to me on c.terbeke@ultimaker.com? We're interested to talk to use cases like Universities to see how we can better cater to your environments. Thanks!
  21. Currently there is not. It is however on our roadmap to add some form of user management. Watch out for our updates and release notes!
  22. This is because Cura is fully optimized for Ultimaker printers and we spend a lot of time tweaking the default profiles. Simplify3D is not, you're on your own in that software (unless someone in the community has a nice profile for it).
  23. Well, you can run Cura headless by using the --headless command line argument, but you'd still need a way to connect to Cura to make it do things. For example make a plugin that exposes Cura functionality over DBus or ComServer. We don't have any real samples on this yet because it's an experimental feature, and the one working implementation we have is closed source for now.
  24. Yeah good luck finding that, there's over 300... Either use the defaults or experiment for your needs. Settings have descriptions in Cura to guide you on how to use them, otherwise ask specific questions on this forum.
  25. https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/51943-installation-ultimaker-cura
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