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  1. I was talking about the other points in the original post, not the Cura crashes. But it’s hard to keep track with so many different types of issues in a single thread. With regards to Cura crashes, it would be best to submit an issue on the GitHub repo of Cura with log files attached. Otherwise the devs cannot debug your issue.
  2. The network problems are quite known by the development teams. Unfortunately (local) networking is hard, and Ultimaker does not have control over the customer network setup. Usually you'll find that connecting printers to Ultimaker Cloud (one by one, not using local grouping of Connect) results in a more stable connection, because we have greater control over the end-to-end connection. We're also working hard to bring all the popular features of Connect into Cloud (including the webcam feed). Regarding the Ultimaker App, it was designed to work with Connect in the local network, wi
  3. Hi, We currently have no plans to update the Connect app to work outside the local network. However you can use mycloud.ultimaker.com, our remote management solution, on your phone's mobile browser. It's fully responsive and provides most features that Connect does locally. Other Connect features will soon be available on MyCloud as well. We're also investigating a more thorough notification system that includes most printer errors. Chris
  4. ctbeke


    Please use this subcategory for any questions regarding our online services. By posting here instead of in the Cura threads, chances are that the right people look at your question sooner!
  5. An S5 with the latest firmware should be able to pause/resume/abort jobs via Connect or Cloud fine, regardless if they were started from USB or not.
  6. You can use the new Application.getInstance().getGlobalContainerStack().extruderList.
  7. I was able to validate the IP address against the regex we use: However, throughout the logs I find plenty of evidence that for some reason networking is not working properly: * Jan 20 18:31:41 ultimakersystem-0030d6210e3f flipflop_wsgi.py[671]: WAR - app.libs.printer_api:296 - Failed to fetch status for printer at * Jan 20 18:31:46 ultimakersystem-0030d6210e3f flipflop_wsgi.py[671]: ConnectionError(ProtocolError('Connection aborted.', OSError(101, 'Network is unreachable')),) * Jan 20 18:31:47 ultimakersy
  8. Mmm I'm not seeing anything strange in these outputs. Can you send me the full printer logs (via USB dump) one more time? I'm still not sure why the IP address would be considered an invalid value.
  9. Ah sorry, I meant /api/v1/printer/network (it's an API path).
  10. Ah true that's not in there. Can you also post me the output of /printer/network?
  11. In the logs it says 'invalid ip address', so somehow your IP address does not pass the regex validation we have implemented there. Can you scroll down on the /system endpoint can send me the values for the other fields (including IP address)?
  12. The factory reset should have removed any incorrect configuration caused by the bug. When connecting the S3 to your phone and going to the status endpoint on the API (/api/v1/system), can you copy the result and post it here?
  13. I'm not exactly sure how to help you further. Clearly there's some networking issues that cause the printer not to be able to connect to the correct addresses. You can try a firmware re-install and see what happens, I'm not sure if that would improve anything though. Do you have any other proper network that you can try?
  14. I'm seeing this now: Time request for server failed (101/Network is unreachable) And then a whole bunch of different network issues and failing requests. So somehow using your phone as hotspost is resulting in some funny behaviour. I've used my own phone as hotspot for Ultimaker printers before as well and that worked fine, so not sure what the precise issue is in your case. Do you have a LAN cable available somewhere just to try another networking method?
  15. Hi, I see two issues in your logs: 1) There's an endless loop going on because of some broken configuration, probably from previous attempts while the bug was still there. You can resolve this by resetting the printer to factory defaults from the display. 2) The IP address cannot be validated. Can you confirm that your printer is network connected and has a normal internal IP address within that network (e.g. no custom network configuration going on). Chris
  16. Great! Adding remote camera support via cloud is in our backlog. Can't tell anything about a delivery date yet.
  17. Hi, I see GAI (Get Address Info) errors in your log. Is your printer able to access the internet? These error typically occur when somehow the network is configured in such a way that the printer cannot reach *.ultimaker.com. Are you on WiFi or LAN?
  18. Please share logs. Without those we cannot reproduce or find out what is going wrong in your case (as this is not happening for everyone, and also not at our office as that would have never passed QA).
  19. Sorry to hear that, I’ll help you debug right away. dmesg doesn’t contain application logs, could you export all logs to USB via the touch screen menu?
  20. The firmware version that fixes this issue (and some others) is now live. You can update via your printer's touch screen or manually via USB using the file at https://software.ultimaker.com/releases/firmware/213482/stable/
  21. I think it's available from Cura 4.5 and onward actually, not 4.4.x.
  22. We're using cryptography, a popular Python lib. Here's an example of how to import it: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Uranium/blob/c46da9cb2848f5e90846867efb028501afe2bb6b/UM/Trust.py#L9.
  23. I think some 4.5 fixes were backported to 4.4.1 because they were considered critical.
  24. Latest I heard just now is that the update is now being system tested and it will be made available next week (if no other issues are found). This update will include fixes for the cloud printing (caused by a GUID issue) and the SSH issue as well.
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