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  1. Hi all, I've published a new plugin in the Marketplace, available for Cura 4.0 (Beta). It allows you to search and import STL files from Thingiverse without having to go do the actual website. Functionality is limited now, but eager to hear feedback on what to add next. Note that this plugin was build in my spare time, it is not affiliated or sponsored by Ultimaker or Thingiverse. Chris
  2. Cura is open source, so you could always add something like that yourself (if you know how to). Given that Ultimaker printers do not have the carbon fiber inlay hardware available, I doubt that the core team at Ultimaker will spend time on this, but maybe someone from the community would...
  3. FYI: this feature was just released as part of the Cura 4.0 Beta and Firmware 5.2 Beta. It'll get some improvements towards the stable releases, but you can already try it out if you have an Ultimaker S5.
  4. Indeed the Marketplace only works for full plugins and material/quality packages at the moment. I do however like the idea of distributing post processing scripts through the Marketplace as well. I'll discuss it with the product owners of Cura and Cloud and see if it's something Ultimaker will work on. Technically it shouldn't be too hard. As a workaround you could make a small 'extension' plugin that simply copies your script to the Cura user directory on boot. I know the Dremel plugin that's currently available in the Marketplace does something similar but then for machine defini
  5. hint hint: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/pull/4926
  6. @JohnInOttawa Thank you for those kind words. While it is true that pressure is high, also from the market, it's our job to make great products. It's always good to get feedback from the customers and community to see how we can improve. Next week I'll be attending FormNext personally to see what is out there and what people are looking for. I'll try my best to gather much input for the R&D department. @kmanstudios It was never my intention to come across as defensive or to insult you, or anyone else. So sincere apologies if that is how it was perceived, I tend to forget how aw
  7. It's a pity you see it that way. We always try to deliver products with the highest possible quality, hence we have to focus on a few items instead of doing many. Did you visit our office at any time? If so, you'll see several rooms with big test rigs containing many printers and material setups, just to get the perfect profiles to deliver to customers. I think it's best to use the UM support channels to get an 'official' statement on this or request other products, as I'm not going to get into a discussion here about what and what not Ultimaker works on. Anyways, Cura
  8. It is very time intensive to make the profiles work well to such a degree that Ultimaker is comfortable enough to release them, so we have to make choices in which profiles we invest time. If someone from the community with a CC core finds the time and energy to make PLA profiles for it, go right ahead and use it.
  9. This is because the plugin is a system dialog. Your OS prevents the main window from being accessed when a dialog is active, so it's hard for us to do anything about that unfortunately.
  10. Profile overrules material, but usually the printing temperature is defined in the material and the profile has a formula to take that value and add for example 10 degrees, instead of overriding it with a hardcoded value.
  11. It's a new format we use for S5. It's basically a ZIP archive with the toolpath (G-code) and a preview image attached so we can show that on the S5 touch screen (and Cura Connect web interface). The format is fully open and specified on GitHub: https://github.com/Ultimaker/libCharon. It's an implementation of the OPC format (like docx is as well).
  12. This was a regression in 3.5. It has been reported on GitHub as well and will be fixed in the next release.
  13. We're waiting for the author of the solidworks plugin to make an update that is compatible with 3.5. Once that's done, it'll be available for update through the toolbox.
  14. I see several errors: serial.serialutil.SerialException: could not open port 'COM5': PermissionError(13, 'Access is denied.', None, 5) cura.Machines.MaterialManager.__addMaterialMetadataIntoLookupTree [255]: Material custom_material_cartesio_0.4_mm contains a variant 0.4 mm that does not exist. It will not be added into the material lookup tree. UM.VersionUpgradeManager._getUpgradeTasks [278]: Config file [.\Monoprice+Select+Mini+V2+%28E3D%29_user.inst.cfg] is of version [4000005], which is different from the defined version [2000000], no upgrade task for it from type
  15. Can you share the logs? Cura is supposed to upgrade your old configs to the new version, so something must have gone wrong in that process.
  16. You can try a 'Cura Connect reset' which is available via the printer's settings menu.
  17. This has since been solved on the master branch and will make it's way into the next release of Cura.
  18. Luckily it's a plugin, so it can easily be updated by the plugin author (indeed some Cura team members in this case) and distributed through the Toolbox!
  19. That's awesome. Would be nice if those mesh fixing options are available on the context menu when you right-click on the model itself.
  20. Yes, there is an internal system to escalate tickets from 1st to 2nd to 3rd (developers) line support. Anything duplicated gets filtered out before it reaches the devs (to not 'waste' their time). Sometimes resellers can actually provide information on a (temporary) fix as well. So if you want fast support, always contact your reseller.
  21. All 1st line support is done via our resellers. Any support you receive from Ultimaker employees on this forum is purely because they happen to spend time on here, but it's not an official support channel (hence 'community' forum). As @Dim3nsioneer indicates it has been fixed and the next UM3 firmware release will have this fix and much more. Bringing out firmware updates just takes a while as we need to test a LOT before we put something out on everyone's printer.
  22. Hi all, For everyone using the Cura backups plugin, I have an announcement to share: Later today, we will switch the location of the Ultimaker account and authentication service, meaning that the URL that the plugin is currently using will not work anymore. An update of the plugin is available in Cura's toolbox that fixes this. Unfortunately we were not able to migrate without this breaking change. On the other hand, the new account portal gives improved UI/UX, security updates and better integration with the create account and forgot password functionalities.
  23. Thanks for your input! Point 1 will be addressed when we make another iteration on the backup functionality (soon-ish). Point 2 is something that is currently in progress (not sure about the full scope of it though).
  24. There's an option in PyCharm's build settigns called "emulate terminal in output console". You'll need that one enabled to see QML logging.
  25. There is a relatively new setting called "slicing tolerance", maybe you could give that a try? It's in the experimental category. There's also some details about it in this post: https://ultimaker.com/en/blog/52266-whats-new-in-ultimaker-cura-31.
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