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  1. i just recently update my cura from a 2.X.X build to the 3.3.1 build and with that change the pause at height plugin is completely broken. stopping at layer height causes the nozzle to not move to the point i have input and the nozzle plunges into the part wrecking the print. now if you use the height in mm it works great with the exception of when the print restarts it appears to not extrude enough material. almost like the flow % is 1/4 of what it should be. anyone have experience with this?
  2. I am using the pause at extension and before i always used height in mm but when i updated to 3.3.1 i decided to use layer no. when it goes to pause it doesnt go to the park location and then just plunges into the part. is this a bug?
  3. I modeled up a print using onshape. the print is a profile of a car with the outer edge being extruded up 1mm tall and having a thickness of .8mm. When i bring the model into Cura and look at it in solid mode the model looks like it did in CAD. when i slice the file it inverts so the recessed center area is now 1mm tall and there is a step on the outer edge that is the inverse of the raised perimeter. I dont have the print handy but I will update with pictures of the print when I get home tonight
  4. I just recently updated my version from 2.5 to 2.7 so i could check out the ironing and the other new features. After updating if i go to slice a file it says the retraction settings are the issue. the only way to get the program to slice was to uncheck "enable Retraction" but now my prints come out covered in stringing hairs. what can i do to get my retraction settings back?
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