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  1. Hi, I am using Ultimaker 2+ Extended and I created a new material by modifying the Default Printing Temperature, Retraction Distance and Retraction Speed values. I activated this custom material, I did a normal slice process and I saved the GCode on the s-card. When printing started, I went to check in the Ultimaker 2+ settings if the values I set in the material created above were being used. To my surprise, no Material value (custom material) was being used and I had to manually configure it in Ultimaker 2+. I would like to know what I need to do? Could You help me? I know
  2. Thanks for answering me and for the link. I'll take a look. I don't know if it would work with Ultimaker 2+ since the process is done in Ultimaker 2. I think to change the diameter to 1.75mm in ultimakerCura would be only in Preferences / Machine Settings. Or would I have to change elsewhere too with for example in the Material settings? Many features of nozzle diameter, first layer initial temperature, retractions and many others are hidden because of the gcode Ultimaker2 I use. At the moment, I don't have a 1.75mm filament on hand to be able to take the test. Most important for m
  3. Hi everyone, I know there must be a lot of articles about what I would like to talk about and ask you for guidance. The Ultimaker 2+ is designed to accept only 2.85mm filaments. My biggest problem is that here in Brazil, there are almost no places that manufacture 2.85mm PLA filaments. Everywhere I try to buy PLA filament sells 1.75mm filaments. The 1.75mm filaments are more varied in color and type. So, I would like to know these days: 1) Is there any way to make Ultimaker 2+ use 1.75mm filaments without physical changes to the machine? 2) If changes are made physically to Ul
  4. Please could anyone help me in the code related to End GCode? The problem is that when it is in the last second of 3d printing, the print head does not finish printing, still releasing filament in the air while it goes diagonally towards the home (G28 X0 Y0;). As soon as the print head reaches the "home", in the display of the Ultimaker shows an error message something like "printing error in the air", I forgot the error phrase because I was nervous and pressed the button to return to the menu as soon as possible. Sorry about that... The code I am using is the one that is already automatical
  5. @ahoeben. Glad to know that! I will be able to do the profiles normally and if I want to make fine adjustments I will use the sidebar. Thank you very much for your information!
  6. Hello @tinkergnome! I'll do as you suggested, change Gcode Flavor to Marlin, and I will not mess with any other settings. I'm sorry, let me explain better. I wanted to say that on the right side of Cura2.7, under the Print Setup: has the sessions Quality, Shell, Infill, Material, Speed, Travel, Cooling, Support, Build Plate Adhesion, Mesh Fixes, Special Modes and Experimental. So, by choosing Gcode Marlin, several new settings appeared that were hidden in the Material session when using Gcode Flavor Ultimaker2, so I wanted to know how the Manage Materials (Menu / Settings / Material / Manage
  7. Guys, I know it sounds annoying, but have patience with me because I do not know anything about GCode or settings in Ultimaker! Completely beginner. I'm trying to learn and I'm counting on the help of all of this incredible community. Now, I feel really confused, I do not know which is the Gcode flavor I define in Cura2.7 for Ultimaker 2 Extended +: whether it's Marlin or Marlin (volumetric) or RepRap? Please could anyone put me in the right direction regarding GCode Flavor and from the correct indication of the GCode Flavor guide me a step by step to add or change the codes needed in the S
  8. Hello @Tinkergnome, Now, I'm completely confused. I do not know nothing more. I was hoping and waiting that neotko would answer the 6 answers related to my above written doubts so I could make the changes. Now, I realize that you have a different view of him. Please @tinkergnome and @neotko, could you put me in the right direction in relation to my 6 questions (step by step) above? Remember that it is the Ultimaker 2 Extended + and the Cura2.7 program. Thank you very much Exactly... :)There are no separate firmware versions for UltiGCode and Marlin/Sprinter. No need to update it ag
  9. Hello Neotko, Thank you so much for answering me. I ask you a little patience with me, because I'm completely new to ultimaker 2 extended +. Please, let's go step by step ... 1- I have to change in the settings of Cura2.7 the gcode flavor to Regrap. 2- Changed to Regrap, what exactly do I have to do? I am confused... Where do I have to edit? In Start GCode or End Gcode or both? 3- In the case of ultimaker 2 extended +, which of the two would be better to edit (prime more / less or retract more / less)? I just found the retract in End GCode and the prime I did not find! For what value do
  10. Hello everyone, it's great to be among you here. I am a beginner in this 3d printing world and I have notion of the road that I will have to walk in order to learn how to print things with high quality. My first question is precisely in the printer settings in Cure 2.7. I know Ultimaker 2 extended + comes from the factory with gcode flavor UltiGCode and I updated the firmware. Everything is fine. I've been following the forum so I can learn how to print. On most topics, users comment to get a quality impression, need access to and control advanced settings such as nozzle temperature, retra
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