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  1. There are two things that can be. Not sure what cad software are you using but most likely you have something in there that during the conversion, it doesn't understand the drawing. Lastly, pretty sure you have the unsupported cura. Mine is version 2.7 (dark blue back ground) and the has lots of features. The 3.0.3 for example, I could not print thin wall (.4) because the slicer is not capable. The correct version would have a "thin wall" check box. Also the Cura 3.0.3 version doesn't have an Ultimaker profile. You have to pick "other" if I recall and make your own. I've called support and right away the lady figure out i had a different cura.
  2. No one is experiencing the same issues? Must be my luck then.
  3. I've got a V2 recently and found some problems. First, I don't think Cura understands the correct dimensions. I had a small but wide print which cura apparently allowed it. But when I added the brim since it was fairly wide but still within the plate dimensions, when it started printing, it hit the edge causing the motor/belt to skip. A bit scary but it eventually went on to print. Also noticed that what cura shows on the plate with respect to location, does not match with the printer bed. Meaning the part is smack center of the plate, but when it starts printing, it is quite to the right. Is there a way to calibrate the two? Printer is fairly new, perhaps 2 months old. I haven't even gone through one spool of filament yet. Lastly, like many of you I have no problem with PLA. Problem is i can't use it for my jobs. I am using PETG and the darn thing just would not stick. I does fine with Brim, but soon as it starts printing the infill, not a chance. I've raised the temp to 255 and brought up the plate temp. Still nothing, plate is clean, and print is to the recommended specs. Can anyone recommend a better plate as an upgrade? The only way i was able to make this work temporary is to use PLA for my first layer, and switch filaments after. Just a pain and don't like the multicolor. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi everyone, Proud owner of a Maker Select V2 printer. I've printed several things yesterday including the much needed v-brace to strengthen the machine. However, today i tried connecting to the machine and noticed something strange. The machine refuses to connect. Verified the com, (not in use), control box confirms the connection by showing the symbol which it did before, but stays there for a short while and goes back to connect. Also strange thing is that even the sd card no longer works. I did changed it and 2 other once to confirm it is not the card that may be bad. The machine give no list of the files on the card. I’ve tested with several laptops both with windows 10. Last one verified the configuration is correct and the arduino drivers were installed. I can't think of any other troubleshooting steps to take. Please help. My second print was great.
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