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  1. Any chance a profile could be made? It would be appreciated. I love Cura on my oher printer.
  2. I run Cura with my Duplicator i3 printer and would like to use it with another printer I just purchased a Klic N Print (https://knp3d.com). It has a dual extruder and it runs Sailfish Firmware. I cannot get Cura to function correctly. Doesn't send the correct heating values to the extruders or bed. Also, the prints start at the back right on the platform. I tried copying the "start" and "end" g code from the default slicer program Klic and Print specifies (Slic3r) to Cura but that is working and that's why I am here. Wondering if there is a pre installed profile in Cura that will work or if there is something else I can do to make everything work. Thanks!
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