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  1. I'm trying to set up a profile in cura for a dual extruder with a mixing hotend. I've set up the extruder as single nozzle in marlin and the premade testprints from the printer's company work fine. In my start gcode I'm setting up the mixing tools with M163 and M164 and selecting them with the T[x] function (in this case T0 and T1). In cura I've also enabled a prime tower. So in theory when switching colors it should do this; T0 ;go to prime tower ;start printing this color T1 ;go to prime tower ;print other color ... repeatedly ... My problem is that for some reason w
  2. I've been using Cura for a while now and since a week or so it stopped slicing. When I open any file, new and old (also ones that had been sliced before) it says "Slicing" but no progres is made what so ever. I've installed newer and older versions even deleting files from Appdata and LocalLow to make sure it's completely deinstalled but nothing changed. Does anyone know how this is possible and how to fix this? Help would be much appreciated.
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