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  1. Hi Guys, I did realise this was old but I am desperate to try and get my Mankati printer going. I was hoping the originator would be able to help. CURA, I have tried to set the mankati set up as a new printer but it produces incredibly slow prints. 19 hrs for a print a similar machine completes in under an hour. The print head moves, stops, waits 20-30 seconds (enough to melt the substrate), prints, stops, waits and melts, and so on. I'm stuck with a printer that I have spent hours and hours on fixing the mechanical problems, but I cannot produce satisfactory de
  2. Hi, Thank for the work to do this as I want to use Cura with my XT Plus. The newer versions of Cura show the printer with only 1 print head. Do you know how to make this a dual head definition? I know nothing about the code required, but if you can give me a heads up, I'll have a go. Simon J
  3. Hi, Thank you for taking the time to help out. I'll give it a try. Simon
  4. I have just downloaded 4.2.1, but when I open it and go to the Mankati, Profile, there is only 1 print head, mine has 2 heads. Anybody got any ideas what I have done wrong?
  5. Hi, New to this forum, but I have been mucking about with various ways of sticking/holding ABS, ASA, PETG, I do use PLA occasionally. Dimafix-I have 2 glass beds that are unusable as it pulled chips of glass out of the beds when printing PETG. I only use dimafix on a non-pourous tape. Masking tape, Kapton, 80°C to 100 no cooling, heat till end PVA Liquid Glue, diluted 50/50 with clean water, I use a squeegee to get a smooth coat, left to dry, then print ABS, PETG 80°C to 100 no cooling. One trick I have learned is to watch the first layers, if they start to l
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