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  1. Hi, I had the same sounds (also on an Ultimaker 2+). After changing all the belts the problem was gone. It's best to also change the glider blocks too, as they can break when you open them. Follow the assembly manual instructions here: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker2/blob/master/um2 assembly manual V1.1 _english.pdf
  2. This is a terribly late reply, but 2 days ago I installed new belts and the creaking sound is completely gone. Earlier, I replaced the two back-bearings, but that made no difference.
  3. Thank you for the feedback! Hmm... More poking and listening coming up!
  4. I know! It's indeed hard to know where the sound is coming from. I checked the github and found the PDF's for the sliding blocks and the assembly guide. There I saw the sliding blocks only house copper bushings and the belt tensioning spring. I can't imagining the creaking comes from those components. I'll try loosening the stepper motor mount and see what changes. Thanks a bunch for the pointers! I hope the bearing replacement goes smooth!
  5. That's a great resource! Thank you! Didn't know about it! I listened more carefully and it seems to be the left X-axis guide-block that's creaking. I'll go have a look on the github to see if I can find the component. Thanks for chiming in!
  6. Hello! My Ultimaker 2 makes a creaking noise when the head is moved on the Y axis. I think the sound comes from the ball bearing at the far side of the left panel. This doesn't have an impact on print quality, but it doesn't sound healthy. What specifications should I keep in mind when ordering a replacement ball bearing? It seems to have a ridge on one side to prevent it from being pushed through the side panel. I assume I can slide the axis out to the right side when I loosen the screws on the pulleys. Thanks! Elias
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