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  1. 2.6 was the last version I tried and I think the introduced error then was a wrong nozzle size. Prior to that it was something with only part of the moddle appearing. If 2.7 is relatively stable and has't reintroduced a massively long print time in some of the previous incarnations, I'll give that a try. I agree that feedback from users is essential for improvements to happen but it is a serious flaw to just bundle those fixes in with another update that in itself has other issues. I use the Ultimaker 2+ Extended, by the way.
  2. No, they are not amateurs - far from it. But it certainly 'seems' that way given that every release has additional bugs. Very frustrating.
  3. I gave up on trying to get a Cura update because every time you fix something, yet more problems are introduced. Stop releasing something with fixes that just gives more issues to deal with. Just release a version that has previously noted errors fixed and work on your upgrades at a different time. I have settled on 2.1 because it does at least work. I paid £2600 for this wonderful printer but the software development is a joke and really lets it down. I see the latest version is filled with errors as well, which is why I refuse to install it. But if there is a stable version out there, I'd like to know about it. You should have this: Version X - Beta Version X - Stable (with somebody or team just working on fixes for that build and overwriting the Version X build with each fix) Version Y - Beta (Version X Stable but with added features/improvements) At least that way we could stick with a stable build if we choose to so that our workflow isn't interrupted with problems we hadn't noticed until ten hours into a print, or whatever. Seriously, people paying thousands of pounds deserve better than this. Great printer - software made by amateurs, it seems. Get your act together... PLEASE!
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