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  1. I had a very similar but significantly worse buildup than any of the other prints. This was with both ABS (close to the printer head that I hadn't noticed) and then a ton of colorfabb clear co-polyester PLA filament. I started by taking all the screws out of the print head (unscrewed the handscrews off the top of the printer head, then removed the fan screws, then took the big aluminum fan bracket off the heat-up piece). This allowed me good access to the printer head (but the one fan is really annoying because when you heat up the printer head, it turns on automatically). Then I heated up the printer head to ~180 degrees and used a screwdriver (and a heat resistant glove) to get a large portion of it off. For the area next to the wires, I actually used some wire cutters to cut the filament off the wires (just - be careful with this one so you don't cut the wires). Then I used a file to get the remaining little bits off the printer head. Additionally, I wanted to put a new printer head on (just to do a full reset of the head) but noticed that at room temperature the current printer head was completely stuck. So I turned the heat way up (200 degrees) and the printer head slowly started to come loose with a good monkey wrench and some pliers (I think the extruded material was leaking through the threads of the print head so it was stuck at room temperature). Waiting for the print head to cool down now so I can re-assemble but all the material seems to be gone at this point.
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