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  1. What I said above. That's the issue. Your bed NEVER goes down. The arduino thinks it is constantly hitting the Z limit switch. You got some junk down in there I think. Clean it out. Problem solved. I mean it goes down after hitting the head very hard but that's because it's moving very fast then and the steppers can occasionally go the wrong way if they are being pulsed fast enough and you shove them the wrong way to get going. So ignore that. Basically it is SILENT every time it should be going down. That is exactly what you expect when the limit switch is stuck in the down position. Thank you so much this fixed it!
  2. Here's a video: Also when I go into settings and lower the bed it goes up instead. I fink that the steppers worked correctly until I had to remove the filament tube because of some old filament that was stuck inside so I probably disconnected some wire in the process. https://imgur.com/aI0Ngww This is what the wiring on top looks like. Note that the lowermost connector isn't connected to anything. I tried factory reseting it.
  3. Today I tried to get my Ultimaker2 working and everything seemed fine until I started the printing process. The nozzle is super high up when it prints so everything just becomes a mess. https://imgur.com/a/MQQRw I've tried calibrating it as well. Also when the printing starts the bottom "slams" into the nozzle and goes down again. All help appreciated /A n00b
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