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  1. As done by GreyArea I would also like to bump the request for SpaceMouse support in Cura. I use the SpaceMouse daily in Fusion.
  2. Is that why there is an unused connector in the Bowden?
  3. I recently purchased a SpaceMouse Pro to use with my 3D design using Autodesk Fusion 360 and Cura 3.0. I find out now that it cannot be used in Cura. Very Disappointed! I believe posters to this thread greatly underestimate its use. It is a standard in CAD design and greatly helps with 3D model making and printing. I would very much like to see this tool integrated into Cura.
  4. I have wondered about this also. Interested in the answer. Also I had a borosilicate glass plate for another printer that was warped. Not bad enough to replace because of that printer's usage.
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