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  1. I found a forum for reporting Cura 3.1.0 bugs (directly from Cura), but after logging in (after recovering password), I have no idea where that forum was. "Bugs" or "Cura" should be visible at the top forum level (will find it again via the Cura software).
  2. I had a much more fundamental question - where exactly to find the Mold function in Cura 2.7... it is not obvious! Answer (I found it): it is a Special Mode that must be made visible in Settings...Configuration settings visibility. I plan to create a dissolvable mold in PVA, for molding silicon or any elastomer (then to think about splitting it for creating reusable molds in PVA). I need to figure out how to somehow trim the safety margins in Cura (Ultimaker 3 firmware is not agreeing on the margin calculations, and even the non-mold print barely fits rotated at 45 degrees - I might have t
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