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  1. I have upgraded my S5 to 6.2.2, but it hasn't changed the behavior. I believe the issue is on Cura for macOS I will create a ticket
  2. d Done it and also removed all the files in the cura folder related to UM printers except quality changes, flushed cache, ... No success. I also have a Linux desktop, which isn't my primary desktop, no problem with the drop down list. I have also noticed that the printer selection in the custom panel of the GUI is not working properly : when you change the printer, the list closes, but when you want to select another parameter, it opens again the printer's dropdown list.... Maybe it's related.
  3. Hi Nallath Thanks for the feedback I am running Cura 4.10 on MacOS Big Sur latest version It's a fresh install then imported my materials and profiles from a previous 4.10 installation and created two non networked printers (Mankati Full-scale XT Plus and a custom FFF to emulate a BCN3D Epsilon) I don't have the full content of /Users/Library/Application Support/Cura right now, but here's the packages installed and the log file. Hope it helps cura.log packages.json.zip
  4. Hi Smithy As I have 2 UM3E the group provides the load balancing. Also I can have a global view from the host cura connect (progress of files, cameras, ...) To be honest I haven't tested stand alone printers as the group was promoted years ago, since I own more than one UM. Maybe reverting to standalone networked printer will also solve a couple of issues regarding disconnections and corrupted files when loading a project were the printer is not the host.
  5. Everything is in the title. It is annoying and a roll back of that feature as already done in 4.1 or 4.2.... I have done a fresh install of 4.10, but the problem is still there.` I am a bit old fashioned and don't use Digital Factory. Sending the files to the cloud is an issue for Data privacy reason with some of my customers .... Using a vpn to connect to the local network is providing the right level of functionalities and security. So I am using the "print over network" feature with a group of 3 printers were the host is an S5 and two UM
  6. I prefer the spray rather than the pen because the layer is more uniform. The drawback is that you need a well vent room to apply. The pen is very good for small surfaces or touch up.
  7. Hi Matt Since my last post on this topic, the issue has been resolved for FormFutura ABS grade using Dimafix on the standard S5 glass plate. You need to apply a regular medium thick layer of Dimafix and a hotbed at 80°C or more When the print is finished and the glass plate cooled down to 45 - 50 °C it starts to pop up easily. Be careful of your first layer height. Check that your print cores springs are at the right value (approx 900g to start moving the core when pressing it by the mount on a scale). If it's too weak then your first layer would be too thin.
  8. No probs. i have made a test with a bit more retraction and reduced temp for the first layer. If it improves the oosing, I will try with a Z hop when retracted. The latter should be the best option, but due to the oozing of the TPU, it is currently worse than no Z hop.
  9. Thanks Smithy I had a try, but no impact on the preview. still the same tool path.
  10. I made a mock-up project. So everybody can have a look at it. Thanks for your feedback UMS5_Body1.3mf
  11. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I am not able to share the project due to the confidentiality agreement I have with my customer. It is pretty much the Cura default 200 microns profile with Ultimaker TPU except the parameters I gave on my first post. To clarify the point, I would like to force Cura to comb on the first layer instead of making retractions and straight move, except for islands of course.
  12. Hi to all I have an issue with a part printed in TPU 95A on an UM S5 where I need to print letters carved in the part. Due to the shape of the part, the face with letters must be on the build plate. I have no issue printing the part with the letters at the right dimension (tuned retraction, no supports, some CAD tweaks, negative horizontal first layer expansion, combing on "not in skin", no z hop when retracted) But I still have a line on the build plate when the nozzle moves over the letters when printing the first layer. Z hop when retra
  13. Thanks Nallath ! I was suspecting the IDEX system to be a showstopper.
  14. Hi to all I would like to set up Cura 4.9 for a BCN3D Epsilon, using it only in dual extrusion mode (no duplication nor mirror mode). I am using the BCN3D version of Cura, but it's outdated on many parameters and I would like to benefit from features available on Cura 4.x Is it possible first to set up a dual extrusion system in Cura ? It wasn't possible on previous 3.x version of Ultimaker Cura Is it possible to make it work with the IDEX system for dual extrusion prints ? Thanks for your feedback. David PS : I know the BCN
  15. I had the issue with FW 5.X on my two UM3X with auto leveling frequency set to Always. Changing the leveling frequency did nothing to the issue, except turning it off and doing a manual leveling (but it is tricky as it is temperature dependent) The only workaround for me was to downgrade to FW 4.3.3. Since no more issues with dual extrusion prints.
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