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  1. 24 minutes ago, AndersK said:

    It looks like if I set levelling frequency to Always it resolve the issue on my machine. I'll do some more tests but if anyone else still have issues and test this, please report back


    I had the issue with FW 5.X on my two UM3X with auto leveling frequency set to Always.

    Changing the leveling frequency did nothing to the issue, except turning it off and doing a manual leveling (but it is tricky as it is temperature dependent)


    The only workaround for me was to downgrade to FW 4.3.3. Since no more issues with dual extrusion prints.


  2. 10 hours ago, JohnInOttawa said:

    I'm thinking perhaps the capacitive sensor is perhaps a bigger factor in levelling with the newer firmware?

    Hi John


    The issue is determining the right nozzle height for the 2nd (right) nozzle.

    Both left and right are using the capacitive sensor to do it and left nozzle is always fine.


    To me the issue is more a computation bug in the FW.


    Nevertheless the sensing cycle on 5.2.x seems to be more accurate due to the fact it is heating the build plate, taking into account its thermal expansion. Unfortunately, it's not operational on UM3.

  3. 7 minutes ago, JohnInOttawa said:

    I'd apprecate an update on this - it seems to affect my UM3X and not my UM3 for some reason.  Wondering if the latest firmware for the UM3X will fix this?




    Hi John

    I do confirm that FW 4.3.3 fixes the issue on UM3X. Works like a charm since May 2020.


    I haven't tested the latest FW, as Ultimaker does not put any penny in the UM3. Everything is focused on S line, and their non regression tests are nearly non existent.

  4. On 10/16/2020 at 11:35 PM, gisley said:

    10/16/2020.......Latest firmware and cura 4.7.1.  Ultimaker 5S, ethernet connected.  A week ago after latest update my printer disconnects after a few seconds in Cura.  I can connect with the digital factory, but file sent to print does not show up on my printer.  Has anybody fixed this yet?

    I am still using Cura 4.2.1 because I had no disconnections over ethernet on my S5. Also I haven't upgraded the FW, still 5.2.11. But I was thinking of an upgrade.

    In my case disconnections were linked to the creation of a bunch of "shadow" printers by Cura 4.3, 4.4 and 4.5 (all were a PITA regarding this weird behavior).

    Printer were visible in the printer management tool, but not connected except one. That was messing up the connection.


    Is that your case?


    I had some calls with Ultimaker Team, but they were saying not to be able to reproduce the problem....

  5. 57 minutes ago, aine_me said:

    PCB looks all good and no other machines nearby. 

    I did the following-

    -manually leveled multiple times

    -ran the leveling sensor test multiple times

    -disconnected the front fan (this allowed it to run but only once)

    -did a factory reset in which I ended up having to change the print heads

    -seemed to work after I changed the heads but now I am having the issue that print core 2 touches the plate and then when print head 1 tries it never touches it. There is no material on the nozzle so I am pretty lost as to what to try next.


    Have you checked your machine is perfectly grounded ? No issues with your mains ground ?


    Have you checked and calibrated the lift switch ?


    Are your print cores perfectly seated when loaded into the printhead ?


    If everything else is OK, PCB in the printhead might be faulty or the sensor board.

  6. 2 hours ago, aine_me said:

    It does sometimes, other times it just comes very close. 

    I had run a diagnostic on the leveling sensors and it came back fine but ran  it again today and got the error 'There is interference on the capacitive sensor'. Any ideas how to fix this?


    Maybe you have another machine too close making EMI ?


    Or it's the PCB ...


    Ask @gr5, he's the expert.

  7. On 5/6/2020 at 7:04 PM, V3DPrinting said:

    I'm expecting a new printer next week and hope to have some slots end of the month to do the downgrade


    My BCN3D Epsilon has arrived and will be production ready today.


    Having some free capacity on one of my UM3E, I have downgraded to 4.3.3.


    So far, for the first dual extrusion print, my 2 printcores (both 3d Solex Hardcores) are leveled at the same height.

    So the problem was FW 5.2.11 on UM3E

    I will downgrade my other 4.3.3 too over the weekend. And not going to upgrade anymore.


    Again poor non regression tests from the Ultimaker FW team. Thumbs down !

  8. 14 minutes ago, mcaddy said:

    it's generally unreachable, this is in the app, through the web page and the Cura software.


    Also having all my Ultimaker printers wired and the S5 host with 2 UM3E slaves.


    With Cura 4,3 and above, the S5 disconnects frequently from Cura. This may lead to many instances of the networked printer created in the Printers list.


    Since I've downgraded to Cura 4.2.1 not any single disconnection from Cura.


    Regarding the disconnection from the web page, I haven't noticed it under macOS 10.14 and Safari, even with Little Snitch

  9. @ghostkeeper

    5 hours ago, ghostkeeper said:

    #6731 has been fixed though.

    I am not sure, still have the issue with 4.6.1 see my post on GitHub


    5 hours ago, ghostkeeper said:

    I am not able to fix disconnections or the networked printer not showing up in the list. This is on the firmware side.


    I do not agree at all !

    It was perfectly working without ANY disconnection on 4.2.1 see my post from January.


    In addition, my hardware (printers, firmware, network) is exactly the same with 5.2.11 FW, LAN connection, same Ultimaker cluster. And it's not a WIFI issue as all my printers are wired.

    The problem is there since 4.3 release.


    I have just downgraded to Cura 4.2.1 end of the morning, since no more disconnections.


    Also the networked printer management is lousy in 4.6.1.


    If you have a closer look at the sreenshots in my above post from April 30 you will see that, adding a new networked printer, Cura is proposing to connect to Ultimaker-0031dd and in the same popup window saying that the same printer cannot be connected, as it is part of a group ....


    On top I do confirm that the projects handling issue hasn't been fixed.

    Loading a project, specially when involving a printer change often leads to material definition not taken or not fully taken into account.

    Which has been described into this post and pointed out to be critical by @nallath` and @territerriterri some months ago


    In fact the material is one used recently on a printer or shadowed printer ....

    Sometimes you need to load the project multiple times in a row to get the right material selected.


    That makes no point to use a project, creating the dedicated profile maybe more efficient.


    Please do some thorough testing and fix the bugs.




  10. @ghostkeeper I have upgraded to 4.6.1, but the same bugs are still there :

    - material are not loaded properly opening a project (GitHub issue #6626)

    - some materials cannot be removed (GitHub issue #6731)

    - disconnections

    - messing up with the networked printer


    4.5 and later have optimized tool path compared to 4.2.1, which is stable, that's why I'm not downgrading a second time.


    So please fix the bugs !

  11. On 5/5/2020 at 5:14 AM, Duckminster said:

    Has this problem been resolved? I've been struggling with this exact same problem for the last three hours, trying everything short of taking the whole printer apart, then found this thread. 


    I hadn't the opportunity to downgrade before the lockdown in France.

    Since, I'm busy printing COVID parts in single extrusion where there is not leveling issues.


    I'm expecting a new printer next week and hope to have some slots end of the month to do the downgrade

  12. @ghostkeeper` Any update on these issues.


    On top of them I also have multiple disconnections with Cura 4.5 and strange behavior regarding the networked printer management. It might be linked with this issue, due to shadow printers not properly purged when uploading a project.


    See the screenshots. I don't have any logs nor time to explain more. Just have a look at the screenshots.


    After a disconnection I had this message




    Trying to reconnect I had the following




    Weird isn't it ? Another bloody bug in Cura 4.5 !


    Thanks for your feedback !


  13. 20 hours ago, V3DPrinting said:

    Also from time to time, when loading a project, the material is not loaded, though the profile and parts are. It keeps a material used in the previous project. I am sure I've opened it as a project.

    I don't have any logs, too busy at the moment.


    I do confirm that this wrong behavior / Bug is present on 4.5 and happens when loading a project based on a different printer than the previous one.

  14. 15 minutes ago, territerriterri said:

    With regards to the material with wrong settings, do you remember with which printer type you created that on?

    Can you select that printer and then check the settinsg again? 


    No at all, I've created the materials when reinstalling from scratch the 4.2.1 months ago.


    I know about the fact that the settings are specific to each printer type (and also printcore).


    The bug is within the same printer type.

    I create a project using my custom material with 6,5 mm retraction distance on my S5 then save it.

    Reloading the project, overwriting the printer, material and profile definition, the material is often altered and the retraction set to 4.2 mm (which is not standard nor custom for me).

  15. @ghostkeeper Thanks for the head up.


    24 minutes ago, ghostkeeper said:

    Are you sure you've selected your own material in the material manager to edit settings for, not something like Ultimaker PLA White?


    I'm 100% sure, I am editing my custom material : Colorfabb PLA White

    Quite often, even after carefully saving a project with my own retraction distance (8mm), standby temp (100°C), retraction speed (25), when reloading the project in the day, retraction is set to 4.2 mm, 35 mm/s and standby temp is at 175°C.


    Exactly the same issues as the bug I've found on 4.4 and 4.4.1.


    Same bug regarding the disconnections and shadow printer creation. That's my printers connections after half a day working.




    29 minutes ago, ghostkeeper said:

    We know of a firmware bug that causes network printer disconnections in version 5.4 of the firmware. It happens more often while the printer is printing.


    As the firmware is buggy and I don't have any material station or air station, my S5 is still in 5.2.11 and my 2 UM3E are for the moment in 5.2.11.

    But I will downgrade the UM3 to the stable version before 5 because of the poor print core auto leveling, as soon I have more printing capacity.





    Also from time to time, when loading a project, the material is not loaded, though the profile and parts are. It keeps a material used in the previous project. I am sure I've opened it as a project.

    I don't have any logs, too busy at the moment.


    The only reason I keep the 4.5 instead of reverting back to 4.2.1 is the slicing speed and sending speed to the Cura Connect Host.

    But I'm seriously thinking about downgrading too.


    Again please fix your bugs related to material and projects ! They were said critical but still there after more than 6 months

  16. @nallath I have finally migrated to 4.5, from my previous 4.2.1 installation


    The issues are still there, but impact seems to be less.

    - a new networked printer is created each time I switch from S5 to UM3E.

    - material settings are altered from the saved project (i.e. retraction setting)


    After removing all the networked printers, reconnecting my S5, quitting Cura, reopening Cura and loading my project, another instance of my networked printer has been created, not connected.





    Removing the  non active networked printer removes all connected printers.


    Note that reloading a project with the same printer doesn't create a new networked printer.


    For the material definition: 

    First I have saved a my project with the retraction setting set to 6.5 mm 




    Then reloading the project and bam ! The retraction setting has changed, even choosing to update the material.



    Here's the project file

    UMS5_Porte Ecran V3 0.8 x4.3mf


    Again, the two bugs (some were critical) I've filed from 4.4 hasn't been solved.

    Thanks for your feedback

  17. Dear community


    I have an issue with my S5 machine definition in Cura 4.2.1 after cancelling a project during the loading procedure.


    Cura is set up with an S5 as the Cura Connect host (networked printer) with 2 UM3E part of the group.

    Cura was configured with the S5 as the current printer.




    I have opened a project based on an UM3E for the printer, but at the second pop up, cancelled the project opening.




    This has altered my S5 printer definition in the printer settings :

    - Extruder 2 nozzle offset was set to 18 mm (value used for the UM3) instead of 22 mm

    - Prime blob position is now the same as on the UM3.






    Changing the nozzle offset is a no brainer.

    Changing the prime blob position is not available in the GUI.


    As I don't want to recreate a new networked printer (all my previous projects won't work), I would like to tweak the right definition file in the Cura setup files.


    Thanks for your help



  18. 18 hours ago, Torgeir said:

    When you said "heat creep", I'll suppose the cold side of the extruder is not cold enough. Sure it is possible, -but this can also be a sign of another problem, the feeder. The problem I've seen is that when printing first levels and ironing, the pressure in the bowden tube increase. For an UM3 this will increase the drag forces, when the filament is pressed upward in the bowden tube.


    Very accurate analysis of the problem.

    In fact it seems at the first look to be an heat creep.

    But after replacing the printcore cooling fan and printing successfully the same part without ironing, even with multiple parts, it is more an excessive pressure in the print core, having the filament softened too much.

    It is easy with PLA to soften it @55°C or just above.


    I have changed the PTFE lining of the Hardcore and ensured that the filament path is cleaned, it hasn't change much the issue or the symptoms.


    BTW I have Bondtech QR3.0 extruders on my two UM3E, so I am sure that the filament is properly extruded (FW have been tweaked accordingly with Bondtech specs).


    I am currently doing a test on my S5 with the same part, similar Hardcore, same slicing parameters, with ironing enabled.


    18 hours ago, Torgeir said:

    I've many times been thinking, it mus be possible to just swap the two feeder units in order to have same feeding properties as an S5. Just leave the feeder motor (stepper) and swap just the feeder unit(?). This would not change anything in software or whatever, but just improve your UM3 allot..  Well, I do not if ultimaker already made this modification. 


    I would rather change my S5 extruders by Bondtech extruders, as the UM extruders are grinding quite easily the filament and a bit of a pain to clean. Only showstopper at the moment, no filament sensor integrated on the Bondtech extruders.


    If you have the opportunity to swap to Bondtech on your UM2, don't hesitate.

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  19. I have done some more testing, with a 0,8 mm nozzle on the same Hardcore, expecting the heat creep would be less severe due to higher flow. No success.


    Then I reverted back to the UM print core and realized that not only the ironing was creating heat creep due to the very low flow, but also the standard printing.


    I found out that the print core cooling fan was not running at the right speed, not cooling enough.


    The issue is a accumulation of strings around the axis of the fan motor, creating some friction and slowing down the fan.


    I have replaced the fan and done a successful print with the 3d Solex Hardcore and a 0,8 nozzle. No jamming nor heat creep.

    I am currently printing multiple parts.


    The 3d Solex Hardcores are working very well in fact.


    Bad news is my other UM3 is also having the same issue, but I don't have any spare fan left and broke the faulty ones when trying to clean them.

  20. Dear community


    I have an issue when performing an ironing on a flat surface, highest layer only, with PLA.

    The hardcore is jammed due to heat creep.


    I use ironing feature from time to time, but it's the first time I have heat creep.


    I made larger prints on an S5 with a 0.8 mm Hardcore, ironing nearly the build plate surface was without any problem.

    I made lots of prints on UM3E with UM AA 0.4 print core without any problem when ironing.


    But these prints with a 0.6 mm Hardcore are jamming, on both UM3E when ironing.


    I have checked the printhead cooling fans, no issue on that side.

    PLA is a standard ColorFabb PLA Economy which performs very well.


    BTW Cura is version 4.2.1.


    Thanks for your feedback


  21. Sorry for the late reply after tests done with @gr5.


    The outcome was that the 3d Solex Hardcores were within the specs and pretty much like the UM print cores regarding the springs.


    As the issue appears also with manual leveling, we have agreed that the right nozzle should be offset during the calibration process  in order to compensate for the difference when printing the first layer.

    Also we agreed to revert back to FW 4.33 and check if the difference between the two nozzle's heights is still there.


    Unfortunately, I was off last week and now my printer are over loaded for a week ....

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