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  1. Hi

    Maybe it has been already posted, but some queries haven't reported my issue.

    I'm running Cura 3.04, from a fresh install on OS X 10.12 (Sierra) after having the below issues migrating from 2.7 to 3.0 then 3.04.

    I have created or duplicated materials from Ultimaker materials to create for example ColorFabb XT.

    If I prepare a print with Ultimaker CPE or Generic CPE, I have some generic print profiles showing up in the dropdown list or in the Profile Manager.

    As soon as I select my custom material, no more profiles, nor options to create / update profiles.

    By miracle, I have managed to create a custom profile in the past with version 3.0 and it will show up in the profile manager when Ultimaker or generic material is selected.

    Currently I'm using the same method as in S3D, creating a project for each set of material / profile, but it's a PITA.

    Anyone has a idea to solve the issue ?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Hi Neotko,

    I've missed the post in duet3D forum.

    Indeed it would be good for Cura to manage properly with G10 commands the temperature when in RepRap Firmware mode.

    Doing a parser is an option, but I have no time for that. It is pretty straight forward to replace any M104/ M109 by G10 Sx Rx and M116, so to keep the advantages of Cura temperature management.

    So I believe that I'll stay with S3D for my Mankati and use Cura for the new UM3.

    It seems that there are some cool features in Cura specially for dual extrusion, but the multi processes as in S3D are not implemented, not cool at all.

    So for single extrusion, I bet I'll have a try with S3D on my UM3.

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  3. Hi to all

    I'm new on this forum being very soon owner of a UM3 Extended.

    I currently print on an highly modified Mankati XT Plus with a Duet3D board using S3D for more than a year an half.

    I'm trying to setup Cura for my Mankati, but facing some issues in the start script.

    The Reprap Firmware manages temperature settings using G10 command for both active and standby temperature. M104/M109 command only sets the active temp.

    Changing tool will set the initial one to standby, therefore temperature will drop down to the ambiant.

    Cura is managing the temp for both active and standby extruder using M104/M109, which maybe work while printing. Additional issue, the extruder is heated on place, so oozes on the part except of parking somewhere of the the part before building the prime tower.

    For the start script I need to heat both extruders at the same time for purging/priming, so the Cura way of managing temps is not working.

    In S3D I use the following start script to do that :

    G10 P0 S[extruder0_temperature] R[extruder0_temperature] ; set T0 temperatures with standby = active


    G10 P1 S[extruder1_temperature] R[extruder1_temperature] ; set T1 temperatures with standby = active


    M116 P0

    M116 P1

    G28 ; Home all axes

    G29 ; Autobed Leveling

    G1 X20 Y15 F3000 ; Bring extruder to the front

    T0 ; Switch to left extruder

    G92 E0 ; Zero the extruder

    G1 Z0.7 ; Lower buildplate

    G1 X35 E30 F225 ; Purge left nozzle

    G1 X45 Y15 F2100 ; Wipe nozzle

    G92 E0 ; Zero the extruder again

    G10 P1 S[extruder1_temperature] R170 ; set T1 temperatures

    T1 ; Switch to right extruder

    G92 E0 ; Zero the extruder

    G1 X25 Y25 F3000 ; Position for next purge

    G1 X40 E30 F225 ; Purge right nozzle

    G1 Y50 Y25 F2100 ; Wipe nozzle

    G92 E0 ; Zero the extruder again

    G10 P0 S[extruder0_temperature] R200 ; set T0 temperatures


    The issue I have is the variables like [extruder1_temperature] are not recognized by Cura, so the Gcode generated is not valid.

    Does anyone have the list of variables used by Cura, so I can implement the right ones in my script ? At least active and standby temps for each extruder.

    Thanks in advance


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