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  1. Thanks for this information. It saves me further digging through the settings. This is a bit disappointing to have the software be as "unaware" as to do something like print onto hot molten material. That it has not been addressed after so long...
  2. I'll check out that setting. Thankyou!
  3. Hi, Just a quick question: I have a small print and the upper portion of it is two columns. The trouble is the tops of the columns are coming out as messy blobs. I witnessed what was happening, which is two layers of the each column being printed without any cooling time in between. The order of printing was occurring according to the sequence numbers in the pic. So even though I have set the minimum layer time to be 8 seconds (and minimum speed to be "0") the result is still that there is printing onto the still very soft layer is just finished printing (with no time in between at all).
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