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  1. Here is a pic of 3d benchy from older cura sdcard slice printing properly (not printing outside the raft).
  2. Here I saved the gcode to sd card from the new version (latest) of cura and it started fine, but then it started to move the nozzle outside the object print area and print weird things!? Since the printer was originally a Ultimaker 2 and we purchased an upgrade to the Ultimaker 2+ from Ultimaker should I use a different printer setting like Ultimaker2 rather than 2+? Is it possible to roll back to a previous firmware and use an older version of Cura? How do I do that?
  3. Also, I should note it does this behavior when print from usb. If i use an old SD card print it works fine!?
  4. Hi, we have an ultimaker 2 that updated to ultimaker 2+. I used it fine after that upgrade. Now it has been a while and I upgraded the firmware with the latest cura for a Ultimaker 2+ printer and the printer first tried to print off the build plate. I factory reset the printer and now it prints up in the air (the nozzle doesn't lower). Also no fillament comes out. Help!?
  5. Thank you so much gr5! The fan cable was indeed connected to the Z 8/16 microsteps jumper. I also needed to do redo the firmware update to Ultimaker 2+ and then perform a factory reset from Advanced's menu on the Ultimaker. I remember when I was reassembly the cables that I wasn't sure which jumper the fan cable should connect. I guess, I just messed that up horribly. Anyway, thank you for the expert advice.
  6. Should I be using the Ultimaker 2 or Ultimaker 2+ firmware on this printer? I currently updated it to the latest Ultimaker 2+ firmware, since the upgrade kit said the printer was now a Ultimaker 2+. However, I'm now wondering if the firmware should really be a Ultimaker 2?
  7. Hello, I have an Ultimaker 2 that was upgraded to the Ultimaker 2+. I'm using Cura 3.0.4 and my z-axis appears to be squashed using the benchy print out. I'm not sure what is wrong can anyone please help point me in the right direction. Height should be around 48.00 mm, but I'm getting closer to 24.00 about half. I did replace the heat bed on this unit at one point as well as upgrade the device from Ultimaker 2 to an Ultimaker 2+. I'm curious if this is a cura setting or a cable backwords, etc? Thanks,
  8. Thank you sooo much for some feedback on this matter! I am indeed on the latest version of cura version 3.0.3. A few questions: I don't see the setting to make cura print the infill hotter. I'm seeing a longer print time with all the retractions for "Z Hop When Retracted." Would it perhaps be better to try turning on combing mode and putting a higher travel avoid distance? What infill pattern would you use with Z Hop When Retracted?
  9. Here is an updated video of the nozzle rubbing against the object. UM2+ .3 mm layer height initial layer height .27mm line width .48mm Infill Density 25% Generating Support Nozzle rubbing due to pillowing? How to fix?
  10. I believe this issue is known as pillowing? As described here: http://support.3dverkstan.se/article/23-a-visual-ultimaker-troubleshooting-guide#pillowing I've tried to adjust the layer height higher and increase the infill to 25%. I'm still facing nozzle rubbing from what I believe is called pillowing. Can anyone offer some additional advice?
  11. Here is a video of my Ultimaker 2+ shaking the bed and rubbing against the 3d object being printed.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uLFD68SRXg
  12. Hello, I have a ultimaker 2+ and I've tried extensively to get the bed perfectly level. I ended up buying a feeler gauge. The calibration card sent with the Ultimaker 2+ upgrade kit appears to be about .15mm thick. So, I tried leveling the bed to .15 mm distance from the nozzle (nozzle size is .4 mm). We'll the nozzle would eventually jam using the default settings for a "fine" print quality inside cura. I decided to try and give the nozzle a bit more room and leveled the bed to .2 mm distance. This was better, I no longer heard as much of the nozzle rubbing against the 3d print object.
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