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  1. UPDATE: Cheers ahoeben, The updated shader file works fine and the buildplate grid works perfectly. Headsup: Graphics card wasn't a Quadro 6000 but an OLDER Quadro FX 4600, for reference. Cheers again! Hotend
  2. Thanks ahoeben, Ill give this a shot later - I figured it would be graphics drivers as I have an old Nvidia Quadro 6000 workstation card. Cheers, Hotend
  3. Greetings Ultimake people, I am having a problem with Cura 3.0.3 where the buildplate is rendering in full black instead of being transparent and graduated as per previous versions or the new scaling graduations listed in the 3.x release notes. Please refer to attached image. I have been unsuccessful in trying to find a setting/s within Cura or my graphics drivers to try and recify this - please help! Cheers, Hotend
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