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  1. Thank you, I did have the ignore small Z gaps checked, but unchecking didn't make a difference and fill gaps between walls is set to everywhere. I don't want to slice the model thinner as it already takes 19:13 hours to print. Any other hints?
  2. I have a model which is a cup holder (a hollow cylinder) with the FCB crest on it. To reduce support, I've tilted it in 45 degrees. But I can see there are gaps in the print (using 'fine' print and 0.8mm walls with wall line count of 2). How can I make cura fill them?
  3. I'm printing a cup with a logo. I want to print the logo in 'fine' mode (0.1mm), but the rest of the cup can be 'normal' since I'll probably sand it anyway. Is there a way to set only some layers to be fine and others to be normal
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