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  1. Hey guys, thanks for the quick reply. I will try to update my drivers but they are only 3 months old... Maybe it will help. I'm using a gtx 1060 in my notebook. I really want to use cura 2.x because it offers better rafts and support for the print. I will update this post when the update is finished (very slow download for some reason >.< UPDATE: driver update did not fix the issue :/ I guess I'll have to use 15.x until someone knows how to fix my problem
  2. Hey community, I've just joined the 3d printing hobby and got my self a anycubic kossel delta printer. The software that was send with it is the 15.x version of Cura, so I thought, why not update. Now the problem that I seem to get it following: https://imgur.com/7Kj7Opc or alot of windows are shown properly after I've increased the width like so: https://imgur.com/lBaIYWn > https://imgur.com/AK5UI3G Or even the context menu is not quite visible: https://imgur.com/4M5RUwG But everything is still clickable, it's just not displayed right. Any idea what the problem to this is? Loo
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