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  1. Thank you for your reply. I did try new PVA right out of the package and the behavior was the same. Also, I think Extruder 2 with the PVA is extruding normally because when I print something PVA-only it's fine. This problem is when PVA is being printed for support of PLA (extruder 1).
  2. When I print a model in PLA (Extruder 1) with PVA (Extruder 2) for supports, the PVA doesn't adhere. It just strings. However, if I print a test model in PVA only, it adheres (to the build plate) and everything prints normally. This issue began during a 51 hour print job. Up until about 35-40 hours, it was printing successfully PLA with PVA for supports. This included PVA adhering to and printing over a PLA raft. This print stopped with the message, "PrintCore in head slot 2 is taking too long to warm up." Up until this print, I had done many with PVA supports successfully. I've done a
  3. Each of these disks are 50mm in diameter. The blue one is 8mm tall and the yellow is 1mm tall. I want to merge the two files so that the blue is sitting directly on top of the yellow and each is printed a different color using a different extruder. I've selected all models and merged them but every time something different goes wrong. The first time the merge appeared to be successful but then the two models didn't adhere to each other after printing as if there was space in between the two. The second time I tried merging them the yellow one kept being placed on top of the blue one with
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