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  1. Cura Connect looks really promosing! However i own 7 Ultimakers, of which only 2 of them are Ultimaker 3's Is there any way to upgrade the Ultimaker 2/2+ to be able to be used with cura connect? Ewoud
  2. HiCoMaz, Would it be possible to check other toys that are made for hamster, of what material they are? I think that ABS could be a material they make toys with, than i think it would be oke to use that material. PET material is FoodContactAproved (do mind that printing changes the surface etc). However i don't know if the hamster chews on it, if any material would be 100% safe... Ewoud
  3. Hi, Although printing with normal setting at 230 is quite high, in some cases it can be nessesairy. When printing with 2.0mm nozzle on UM2, with layer thicknesses of +-1mm. I need to go up to 250 te get the best quality of prints! Besides that there are also quite significant differences between different UM's (even in the same batch). sometimes even having differences of up to 15 degrees difference between printers. In you're case the fan, and adjustment of temperature as stated is probably the way to go. If it is a old printer, you could also check if the ptfe tube above the nozzle could case this upswelling. But I would only suggest that if both other options given dont work, and the printer has been printing quite a lot. Although prisumable it is correct, but do you use propper 2.85mm filament and not 3mm (3.00) filament? this could also result in a clock if the filament goes to the upper tollerance of 3.10. Kinds/regards, Ewoud
  4. Hi NZO, I think what you want is possible as you say. For the printing of the sails, i don;t think it wil matter if the belly faces up or downwards for the printer. Keep however in mind that the facing down part, wil be less prety due to the support structure. Just choose the side you would like to be nicest to be top. For the thicknes, personally i would recomen making it around 3mm thick, probably it could be thinner, but with this thicknes, i think it will be quite rigid, and doesn't brakes easily. In the designing, I unfortunately only have experience in (student) version of non-free CAD programms. I now it is quite easy to make them in Solidworks/Rhino orso. Perhaps you could check if there are any existing sails on existing things like: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:923580 And if it would be able to scale in x-y-z directins in Cura, to get you're dimensions? (If you're really at wits i could help you design it) Kinds/regards, Ewoud
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