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  1. Hi, thanks for your reply! Indeed, Combining Mode is what i was looking for — mostly „no skin“. I then only needed to go and set most patterns to ZigZag instead of Lines, to avoid incredible amounts of retraction. I have to admit that i didn’t quite understand what exactly the X/Y-layer-start biases, and how — but i’m experimenting around :-). Thanks for your extremely helpful reply! Best -NebuK
  2. Hi, yeah, the initial retraction settings were a bit off the mark, but that’s not what I meant. Not saying I don’t appreciate your tips, it was helpful during tuning! What i meant is the basic behavior of Cura. Take this example: Cura will first print the outermost (red) wall, then the outermost-inner (green) wall, then travel to the innermost-inner wall (blue arrow), and continue there. During the blue-arrow, no retraction is triggered, and it oozes like hell. This is bad, since we’re on the first layer: The bottom-solid is going to be printed onto the oozed-across line which has conside
  3. Hi everyone, I’m using Cura 2.7 to print with my marlin-based i3-style printer. However, I‘m noticing some strange retraction behavior. First, here are my retraction-related settings: I also have "Z Seam Alignment" set to random. What I’m seeing is two-fold: First, when travelling over inner parts of a print, no retraction is triggered. This might be fine for infilled layers, but for solid layers, especially on the top, this is suboptimal: The filament oozed during these travels will show through to the the outermost layer. Secondly, Even though Z-Seam is random, cura will travel to one
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