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  1. Hello, I had a failed printed on my Ultimaker 3 that I didn't notice. The filament backed up (badly) into the two print cores, but mostly into core 2. I am trying to remove the excess filament, but it is a glob. The good news is that the UM3 will still extrude filament from both nozzles. The bad news is that it is so jammed, I can't change the print cores. I keep heating up the print cores and trying to scrape off the blobbed material. I then use a need nose pliers to pull stuff off. I then cool it down and try again. Any ideas on how to remove the GLOB? Thank you. Tricia
  2. Fabulous video. What a great collection of tips. Thank you. Tricia
  3. I can't seem to get my filament to step to the bad. I've re leveled several times but with the same problem I changed the layer height to .2 mm printing at 215゚ with a 60゚ bedtemp. First layer is grainy and nozzle eventually pull print off bed. Any ideas?
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