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  1. Yes, the print is terrible. But I did just a quick reassembly with the new bearings to see if this got the trick done. I should mention that the printer is a second-hand one so I can't say for sure if the parts are all original. My last guess would be that the pulleys are wrong but I'd like to have a more educated guess from you guys. I did print with standard cura (v.2.3.1) settings, normal quality pla. Other parts came out nicer in the past until the day I discovered the unround circles. Should I try new pulleys? Where can I get some reasonable priced within europe?
  2. Hello! I have an UMO+ and since a few weeks I have troubles printing circles. I tried everything, from recalibrating to switching axles and bearings. Today I changed the bearings but there was no change in print quality. I tried printing this one as a test: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:11895 Here is what the result looks like: Do you have any suggestions? Regards, charlie
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