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  1. Hi, Each time I start Cura I get the first time set up screen, and that error behind, which I cant access until I've finished the set up. Then I click to reset- which reboots Cura which then needs first set up but no error. The next time I start Cura the process repeats itself. I'm on the latest version, and it has continued happening after the update. (UM3, UM3E and S5) Thanks,
  2. Hi @Vladimirescu It seems to have fixed it for us, at least for the time being.
  3. I have also been experiencing this issue, when CC was first set up it worked great (Except for having to remember to set the right colour of materials etc) but now I can only get one machine to work via the network, and the other wont appear when you try to add it. Mine are connected via network cables. Also in cura on the drop down options on the print button (save to disk, save to file, print over network) I get two "print over network" options... only one of which works with only one of the printers.
  4. Hi, Is it possible to view a list of historic print jobs with print times from Cura-connect? E.g what was printed during the last 10 days or last 20 print jobs? Thanks,
  5. Hi, When print jobs are sent to printers Via Cura-Connect the printer will auto-level and then start the print. However if the error: height difference exceeds realistic values, appears the printer will wait for you to confirm. With a normal print you would just restart the print after removing any debris from the nozzle, or just start it again and it will normally work. With Cura-connect you hit confirm, and then it attempts to re-start the print, it says auto level on the screen but instead goes straight to starting the print without performing the level check? Is this nor
  6. Hi, Is it possible to set a password to protect accessing the printers over the network? We've just recently connected ours to the network to allow remote monitoring, but I don't want anybody on site being able to connect and potentially print/watch prints. Thanks,
  7. Hi Mate, Apologies I meant are you VAT registered? i.e can I claim the VAT back off this if I bought it? Thanks,
  8. Hi Mate, I'm quite local to you, does that price include VAT?
  9. I just tried to print and the printer leveled itself but before trying to print gave an error: I2C communication Error?
  10. USB,.. that might be the case, and if it is it will be a big relief. I shall try it again and with it being ejected etc and see how it goes. Thanks for the help
  11. Apologies for not being clear, it is the same printer I tried a different g-code file for a new print. I have just tried to load the gcode file in Cura and it fails to load above 95%. File attached. Should be the latest firmware and Cura version UM3E_bush 2.gcode
  12. Please find the Log files attached. For some reason after I dumped them to USB they have a .log.gz format. I have had to rename to remove the .gz to be able to upload them here. ultimakersystem-ccbdd3001df2. ultimakersystem-ccbdd3001df2. ultimakersystem-ccbdd3001df2. ultimakersystem-ccbdd3001df2. ultimakersystem-ccbdd3001df2.
  13. Hi, Earlier one of our printers just stopped printing, with no error message. I have just run a different print on it and it has done the same thing. With a few minutes left it has stopped moving, but the timer has continued to count down to 0. Where it just stops at 0 time remaining. The print head lights are on yellow, but the controls are unresponsive on the front. The display says the heads are still at working temperature, but even the frame light brightness does not change when you vary the %. Any ideas?? I cant afford to have an unreliable printer,
  14. I have used a small 12V pump that just circulated the water, and manually kept it with warm water circulating. It does make some difference, but not as great as I'd hoped. The main issue is parts floating, or air pockets as these areas never dissolve, or else parts going gooey and sticking to the walls or lid. Also parts like to end up in the dead areas out of the main flow, and once thats the case the dissolving isn't much faster than normal still water. The pump getting clogged hasn't been an issue, although I did wonder before. The suction from a pump isn't massive, I put the
  15. Hi, How well did it work printing at the different smaller layer heights? Did you have any issues? Thanks,
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