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  1. Since firmware upgrade 5.2.8, the active level on my UM3 didn't work anymore. Today I have performed the firmware upgrade 5.2.11 and the active level is now working 🙂 Please next time perform more testing before releasing a firmware upgrade especially when it's not a reversible upgrade and it can damage the hardware. Anyway thank you to fix it.
  2. How many users have provided feedback on this upgrade? How many % is needed before you consider it relevant? I regret that you consider opinion from minority not relevant.
  3. I'm printing everyday with UM3 and since the upgrade to firmware 5.2 the active level doesn't work anymore. In fact I even got scratch on the glass plate because the nozzle was touching the glass plate (through an UM adhesive tape !!!) The factory reset doesn't help. Hopefully I can still use manual level. As described in this forum I can't downgrade the firmware 5.2 😞
  4. Hi Everyone, As shown on this image, this print with PVA (transparent) and Nylon (black) partially failed: The PVA support is not building up correctly and I don’t know why. I use an ultimaker 3 Extended with an enclosure to get minimal wrapping and stable printing temperature. And I use the PolyBox from polymaker to keep the Nylon and the PVA dry (at less than 10% humidity) I use an adhesion sheets so the PVA and Nylon stick very well to the plate at 65ºC The print setting for this ultimaker PVA are: 215 ºC with a speed of 35 mm/s, support pattern triangles, support density 80% (i.e the default settings). I have tried many things to avoid this problem: + select ‘connect support lines’ + set the support density to 100% + use a brand-new roll of PVA + place the PVA directly on the back of ultimaker 3 (i.e without the PolyBox) to reduce the friction + cleaner the feeders in case it causes under extrusion. However this problem with the PVA still occurs almost systematically. If someone one as suggestion to fix this problem with the PVA support, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Charles
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