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  1. I just printed a cube after I retightend all belts again. The cube is 20.08 by 20.07 on the surfaces im fine with this result. The cylinders are still not round. I will check if the axes are perpendicular. Then I will print another cylinder. When I want to change the steps/mm, how can I do that.
  2. I just get the print finished. I still have the same dimensions. I tightend all belts (long and short). All axis are prober oiled and the extruder head is thight. There is now difference. I have the problem since unboxing the Ultimaker.
  3. Thank you very much for your quick response. I just printed a 40mm cylinder and measured the cylinder in our QS Department with a laser measuring device. I measured a minimum diameter of 40.08mm and a maximum of 40.54mm. Im using the original Ultimaker Material and profile settings. Im just printing a knew cylinder after I tighten the long belts. The small belts were tightend enough. I will post the results when the print is finished.
  4. Hello, I just bought a brandnew Ultimaker 3 Extended. Ive done all calibrations after unboxing. Now I have the problem that x and y measurements dont have the same size when I print a 20x20x20 cube. I measured the cube with my Mitutoyo caliper and measured 19.7mm in X, 20.2 in Y and 20.05 in Z. The Z axis is fine. It is not possible to print round parts.
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